Reason of monetize rejected

Can any on from kodular staff tell me what can i do if my ap monetize rejected ???
I asked to know reason of rejection but no one answer me
So, what can i do now ??

MY app also got rejected for monitization from kodular but from play store or Facebook they didn’t made any proble in approving to show ads…I don’t understand why is this cause from kodular they didn’t gave any real reason for the rejection of my app monitization

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Mr @Boban
How are you
Can you please help me solve this issue, no one answer me from kodular staff

Neither can I since we Mod’s have no insight in this…

Just wait and see.


Well, I’ll wait, but I ask the app reviewer to state the reason for rejecting the app monetize just like Google does
Thanks for your response

Kodular don’t have to provide a reason.

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Why is it a secret?
If he did not tell me the reason if there is a reason, how do I discover and fix it?

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If that is rejected, it most probably means your app doesn’t meet kodular requirements.

If it is uploaded play store, no approval needed but be reminded that the commission are still here if you didn’t remove it.

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Is that really ?
I am waiting for the response from Google Play. If Google Play approves the app, I won’t need kodular approval?
But I am surprised at the kodular policy and not mentioning the reason for the rejection . This is so frustrating

I think this can be improved :+1:

See this also for the requirement:

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Can you share the description of your app you submitted to us for review?

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A news application that depends on the rss feed links provided by news sites to publish their news, which are links that are allowed to be used with reference to the source
Then move the user to the main source of the news to continue reading

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You might want to say which news provider and the license too. :wink:

The application has been accepted in the Google Play Store and has been published

Google accepted ≠ Kodular accept
The policy is very different tho.

but if the app is published in play store there’s no need to request monetize.