Scores and Markers APP on :google_play: [v 1.1]

Scores and Markers APP

:heavy_check_mark: Have your own SCORES and SCORES in one easy-to-use APP!
In this APP, you can:
:heavy_check_mark: Have unlimited markers / scores
:heavy_check_mark: Simple and clean interface
:heavy_check_mark: Free and without ads
:heavy_check_mark: Delete a score or all with a single click
:heavy_check_mark: Secure APP. All data is stored on your device and is not shared with the developer or third parties
It’s on Spanish, but it’s so intiutive.


:google_play: Download Link:



Any suggestion are welcome :pray:t3::blush::arrow_down:


Tried Your App.
My Personal Opinion -
Before Testing Anything this Came -

Whats the Meaning of it.

An English Translation will be Appriciated.

This option is for delete all the scores that you have created. It advise you that you cannot recover them once deleted. Did you find any bug @ADDYLIN ?

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Let me Understand it First.

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It’s easy. You can create Scores (Puntuaciones on Spanish) on the orange button. Then you have to write the name of the score (like “Football Match”), and the 2 teams name.

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In feedback screen

  1. If the first text field is for number, then the keyboard should be displayed and validated accordingly

  2. Proper validation for email field is required

  3. If I am getting it right an email is sent when we click the button on feedback page. After the click of this button two alerts shown one after the other.
    Also why storage permission error arrives when we click the button

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Ok after testing -
It’s a Nice App.

My Personal Opinion -

In Side Menu that Delete All Button is Slow.
I need to wait a Little after Pressing it for that Confirmation Dialog.

On Home Screen all the Card Views are of Same Color,
if they are coloured differently they for me will look better and in some cases it will also make easier to find a Card.

When we create a Score Three different Dialog for entering the names come one by one but they don’t get auto focus we need to press them and then enter the text.
There auto focus will be great.

On Home Screen i made a number of scores so i can test the scroll,
Scrolling them also make the Card View Click.

All these can be improved.

No, it’s a name text field. That’s why it isn’t a number keyboard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know how to validate that is a valid email. Can you explain me it? :pray:t3:

Yes, I know it. One alert say that the message is sending, and the last alert means that the message has already sended correctly

I think is because I checked the Save Response of the Web Component

I’ve tested it too.
It’s a nice app :heart: but:
Actually, all the app margins is damaged in my mobile:

The screen isn’t scrollable at all.I wasn’t able to scroll it when i’ve added many scores.

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Ok. I know what is the problem. The icon is an URL, not an asset. I’ll fix it.

I didn’t think about it. Great suggestion! :heart:

How Can I do it? I searched it before publishing on :google_play: but I don’t find the solution

That’s stange… I will look it and try to fix it…
Thanks a lot! :blue_heart:

Do you know how to adjust the size to all devices? I have set the screen sizing to responsive…

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See this guide:


When Keyboard Visible,
Request Focus.


component_method (1)

The problem is that is a notifier… :pensive:
Well, Can I use the Any Component block of a text box?

When Keyboard Visible
if Notifier 1 Visible
Request Focus TextBox 1
else if Notifier 2 Visible
Request Focus TextBox 2
else if Notifier 3 Visible
Request Focus TextBox 3

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Other thing, do you know why the check icon doesn’t show correctly? In the companion is correct.
APP from Google Play:

The companion:

You can’t select the notifier text box

Very Nice App! Might Be There Are Some Bug’s , But Your Work Is Amazing

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Ok Google confused me here :point_down:

By validation I meant that even if I write something like, then also the email is sent :point_down:

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You can use the TextBox. Request Focus method when the related dialogs are shown

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