Screen going back when minimized

So I have a sign in and sign up screen in my app and for the sign up screen an otp is sent to the user’s mail id.

I need the notifier and the screen TO BE OPEN when they come back to the app.

For some reason it goes back to the previous screen which is the sign in page instead of staying on the sign up page with the notifier open.

I am not uploading the aia because I want this project to be private.

I can explain more if you want to help me! Thanks :slight_smile:

I suggest you to use sign in and sign up screens in a single screen on screen1 using arrangements.

Because in Kodular it not possible to open screen2 directly, it will always open screen1.

That makes sense but my screen one is already in use by something else which I cant remove now.
In screen one I have two options for the user where they can choose their profession and in the second screen is sign in while third is sign up.
After they have chosen their profession, ive made my app to always go straight to sign in.
I cannot have the notification dialog or the screen close when they open their mail app in the sign up page for the OTP.

Is there anything else I can do?

You can use the concept ofVirtual Screens in Screen1.