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Hello Koders,

I wanted to do something like as follows :-

Creating Search, when search than check the search value with project buckets and if exists than set project bucket to Search text.

So Users can search Via phone Number, Project Bucket = Phone Number like in img.

My Motive - Users can search others profiles.

Blocks would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

use web component

https://(project id)

and in the web response you user will get if number available whose details as a JSON format

I really appreciate your reponse but any other simple method by using in.list block?

Call all tags, when got tags add them to a global list. When search if is in global list then set bucket to …

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No, which will make consumption of your firebase free limit…


This will be your your better option… else use this


and when firebase got value block you can take required details alone

(If every user call all the tag list, I repeat your firebse free limit will end soon… If you have limited user then no issue… you can call all the tags)

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Thanks for your response, But its instead of tag, it can check project bucket too?

Thanks for your response, I was wondering that after it gets and project bucket is set than how can I open new screen with the project bucket set same as the once set before?

if you show your firebase structure it will be good to suggest

Single Project buckets as I am using multiple firebase projects like one for users, etc.

Once you get all the json details, just design blocks to

  1. open another screen with start value
  1. start value is firebase got value

then in screen2, just decode this json , simple

just try and see both method…

Since you do not have anyother project bucket, both the method suggested method will work without any doubt… But you will feel the difference if number is present or absent in the tag list

So, just try and experience the blocks

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Thanks but up from my head :sweat_smile: some blocks would be soo good.

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If you send your aia, we can suggest you… if no issue mean you can share here or pm me…

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I will PM you the aia, just after designing user_profil in a new screen. Thanks. You are awesome.

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