Side menu layout update problem

Hi I have a problem using the block update item in side menu layout.
I have 2 items on menu and I want that if I press one item just update the items on menu but when I do this it doesnt work correctly te update process is if I press the item twice.

These are my blocks:

So to explain better the process when I press the item compartir the side menu close automatically and when i open the menu this item is checked :confused: and If I press again the item compartir the update procces triggers correctly so the item compartir is not checked and the item salir is checked.

someone can help me?

I think there must be bug but I am not sure because I never used this function.

so how can we report it?

Please wait for a mod to clarify if it is a bug or not because I am not sure. There are chances that some code is missing…
@Peter, please check if there is some error in it.

@Boban can you check it too?

Can someone check if this is a bug before a realese of kodular?

Have you tried just put a notifer.alert inside the event to test its trigger?

I tried with notifier and yes it triggers and works good but the update item doesnt work. It just work if I press the item again.

Since I’m still confused about your question I’ve made an test aia for you, note: there are two if statement in it, just make sure to refresh companion in between when using them…

SIdeMenuLayout.aia (3.3 KB)

Hi @Boban I checked tha aia and thats not what I want… Look focus in the option when on menu item click is the same as second:

Update item title first to enable false and checked true
Update item title second to enable true and checked false

So when I do that the error happens because the result is first item enable false checked false and second item is enable true and checked true :confused:

And when i click again in the second item the result is good as i want:

First --enable false and checked true
Second --enable true and checked false

I am still with the problem, someone can help me? I know I can create my own side menu but will be great if we improve kodular if this is a kind of bug.

Try to make your own.

thank for you reply, well yeah I hope kodular chech this, for now I will use my own side menu.