Why is there a problem with the right-click menu?

After the last update in Kodular, the right click menu is not working correctly. Instead of opening the Kodular menu, you are opening the browser first. At first it works normal, but as soon as the text block is changed, the menus overlap each other. How to solve this problem?


It is a known issue and still be fixed soon.


Thanks for the reply, this is very comforting

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Waiting for the removel of issue i also experienced something very strange when i right clicked on any block sometimes it shows card for duplicate enabled disable… Etc but showing only one option Iike just duplicate and none of the ohthers
Edithere is screenshotof issue

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Point the mouse on it and scroll


The problem has now been fixed.


it remais small and its irritating brcause sometimes u have to scrol again and again to get your desired option

Thanks for your reply
@Boban and @auranet
problem is fixed thanks working normally now

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Or just right click twice

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there is another problem too
i m using aia file from @nikzdreamer2001

in this aia i did’nt change anything but when i try to change a variable values which is intailized with a csv list and when i try to add new items or remove to remove items which were added by @nikzdreamer2001
it does not able to add and remove items from variable

this aia has a taglist variable which is used to set text of lables i cleared up the whole list but the result is still same as when the variable was crowded with data

Original block
blocks (9)

when i cleared the whole data
blocks (8)

Result In both caes

you are right problem is still there sometimes it starts working normally and sometimes it starts showing up again

Don’t worry it will start again

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ok but what about should i start another thread for this issue or discus it here ?

for me it’s already stable.

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No point in doing it

i did not get your point what is meant by above

i thought it was a firefox problem, change when i received a firefox update.

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It will probably get unlisted as it is more or less about the same thing, text sting block


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ok thanku for replies and guide
waiting for kodular fixes