Still Payment Not Received

Mr. @Diego my recent payment still not credited to my account but in Kodular Payment history it showing delivered. please check and resolve the issues . Why Kodular is not releasing my payment .Deducted amount as 30 % WHT is still not reversed as I had filled TAX form as Non US citizen then why kodular deducted it?/
Very Disappointed with kodular services this time…
Kindly send my payment and return deducted amount…
Share the status of my payment as soon as possible.
Waiting for your response.
Thank you!

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Mr. @Diego My problem is very similar as same thing happened to me.
Earlier, 30% earning was deducted by implementing the Tax called withholding and that amount has not been returned yet.
Then the rest of the earning has not reached in my account yet.
While the payment status is getting delivered written.
I have been working with kodular for a long time.
And this time I am very disappointed with kodular for not getting the payment.
Please trace out my payment to find out what are the reasons why I have not received the payment yet.

so sad to hear why kodular is doing like this they not refunding our deduction amount and not sending the payouts on time. deaf diego can you please check why its happening.


I also got the payment on time every time.
But this time I don’t know whether the issue has come yet the payment has not been credited in my bank account.
Just saw this post and thought that there is no better platform than this to tell that there is a problem in payment delivery method.
And this seems to be the first time that the payment has not reached the bank accounts.
I request the Kodular Management to resolve this issue as soon as possible and take a good decision regarding those who have not received the payment yet.

I also did not receive my payment…

why 26$ cut from your amount in the name.of withholding you are not US citizen

Mr @Diego @Kodular Mr @Boban hope you are doing well.
I have received payment of recent withdrawal and wrongly deducted WHT on payment of July 2023, but my actual amount of July is still not received .
please check it and kindly resolve the issue,
Hope Kodular team will give me positive response as soon as possible .

Waiting for response.

Thank you

@Diego @Kodular I’m also facing the same issue my payment for the month of July is also pending but WHT is received which was deducted mistakenly.
please @Kodular team resolve our issues as soon as possible we are very disappointed at this time…