Tax form submissions for non-US citizens

After submitting your preferred payout method, you will be asked to complete a tax form. After filling your details, you will see the following prompt:

Please, check the first radio button. The only case where you have to check the second one is if you are living in the United States.


I already tried 5 times but still getting this error in my email:
“Unfortunately the Tax Identification Number (TIN), i.e. your SSN or EIN, on your Form W-9 was invalid or did not match the name provided.”

I am outside US, I have a TIN issued locally for us Filipino citizens, but it seems not accepted on the form.

A local tax ID is not the same as a TIN (which are issued in the US).
Actually, TIN are issued just to US citizens as far as I know. If you are a foreigner, you can apply for an Foreign TIN.

Although, form will be fine without inputting any ID in the last step.

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Same thought with me. I was just worried with the 24% tax, plus commission from Kodular. How much left to us. Does the tax applicable to every country?

I’ll PM you, as we are getting into personal account details.
But as a reminder, don’t worry about that withholding. If you are giving services FROM OUTSIDE the US, withholding is 0% (that is the reason of this topic, as we were seeing people wrongly selecting that option, and they were getting a non 0% withholding).