Suggestion Regarding recycler View

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i need a suggestion regarding concept of recycle view… I’m little bit confused regarding as as there are lots of guys with different definition for recycle view…

So is the image give below defines the Recycler view to be correct?

If yes then will it be good to work on it as i have a method logic is not 100% ready but no. of arrangement can be decreased… for example

Suppose i have a list item that takes 5 components(1 Card, 1 Image, 2 label and 1 icon /logo/any option)

So if we make list view of 100 list item then
Without Recycler view we need
100 * 5 = 500 Arrangement

According to my method if recycling 15 card then it will need
100 + 15*6 = 190 arrangement
means saved total 310 arrangements

also if we have youtube video like card then we can use 5 card to recycle that mean
100 + 5*6 = 130
saved over 370 arrangements

Is that decrease in number of arrangement enough?

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Any benifits to decrease componets

I described it in my Extension post, basically as the name says it recycles created widgets, it creates less components, exactly the necessary to fit the screen and then when you scroll, move them from first position to last but it does fast that you can’t know it is doing it. The advantage is the mount of components it creates, if you have larger data , app performance won’t be affected. Otherwise with dynamic components you will create widgets for every item in data and when data is bigger, app performance will be a struggle. So yeah is enough, the mount of components will always be the same.

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Yes there is.You will not get DX Execution failed from compiler.

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