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I started with AI back in 2016, with App Inventor first, I found Thinkabke right after I made my first app at App Inventor, then I found Makeroid, and Appy Builder in the near end of 2017. I mainly use Makeroid now and today’s my birthday on the Community (Not IRL)


I just came to know about Thunkable :thunkable: one day and along with that on the next day I came to know about Makeroid in 2017 only.
I found Makeroid’s UI very cool and its Features and on the same day I left thunkable and start Makeroid.
but when makeroid get closed for reborn then i used Appybuilder :appybuilder: for 2-3 months and Now Again its Makeroid . :makeroid: .
I had not even one use the main father that is :appinventor: .
You can find very much active on Makeroid community than other Communities.


(August / 2017 - September / 2018) Long History :smile: :
I started in Thunkable already, I found it by chance when looking for sites similar to appsgeyser, at first I thought it was incredible, but they did not update with new features, so I discovered that thunkable had been made over the App Inventor code, which is open source, I did not last long AI because I was used to more beautiful and modern things like Material Design, then I looked for other platforms based on AI and found AppyBuilder, I was impressed with the amount of resources, there I created, QR Scanner and Darsh Notes, while using AppyBuilder I found Makeroid, still in its old version, but I did not like the layout I found, and I went back to AB, after a while I discovered the amount of resources that Makeroid had, it was late, Makeroid had been temporarily removed from the air, so while waiting for the new version I continued on AB updating my applications, when Makeroid Andromeda was released I was impressed with so many properties, features and possibilities, I tried to create an OCR application but of face I found a problem in the API (such problem has not been solved so far, at least for me), small problems with the current platform I really liked Makeroid and I’m using to this day, I am currently developing new updates for my QR Scanner and Darsh Notes apps with Material Design.

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I guess i first got to know App Inventor in 2011. For me it was to hard to work with because the designer and blockeditor were two different programms so not very userfriendly. It was not integrated as it is now.

When AI2 came in 2013 i started making more serious stuff. I followed the development of every clone, first AIlivecomplete which later became AppyBuilder, then Thunkable and Makeroid. Other clones are not interesting enough to spend time on.

Edit: Now i am a AI Poweruser, a MakerChamp/Contributer and moderator, a AppyBuilder Contributor and Moderator, a Thunkable PowerThunker and a App Inventor in Education moderator. :sunglasses:


I started with AppInventor 2 in 2013, when I needed to make an app
Then, in early 2016 I found Thunkable searching in :google: for “Material Design AppInventor” and it appears. I became (and I’m still) a moderator in their community, as I’ve made lots of contributions to it
And, well, in 2017 @Kodular and me founded what today is known as Makeroid. However, since that, I’m not really active in what is developing apps, as I focus a lot more on the development of Makeroid itself




It was so ugly lol:


Did a small edit to my story. :grin:


I don’t like that your bragging about your trophies in life :joy:


Used :appinventor: for like 1 year? Found out about :thunkable: in @Taifun’s extensions page and then used it for like 6 months. There I have met so many amazing people including all Makeroid developers and lots of others. After that tried the :appybuilder: for like a month? …and then was a part of the development team of :makeroid: and that’s how I learned about it :smiley: and well, a couple of weeks ago I found out about DroidMaker.


Tried out AI2 in August 2016, didn’t do much. August 2017, ALPHA (or rather, the “AI_1” prototype) was born. It suddenly clicked (unintentional pun) that I could make better UIs by using blank Arrangements as spacers. From then on, I kept working on “AI” (the name after moving on from the first prototype) on AI2, which is now “ALPHA”, on AppyBuilder. I never liked Thunkable as such, and I still do not. Makeroid, well you guys know me. :joy: It was absolutely by chance that I found the AID platform (I didn’t know about the clones back then. Yeah, let that sink in) in the beginning of January '18. Here I am now. :slight_smile:


I discovered AppInventor in computer class exactly 1 year ago.
We had to create an application to have a chat sound when we click on the chat image.
The teacher spent 3 classes on it (3 times 1 hour and a half), whereas I had finished in 10 minutes. I was so bored.
I didn’t use AppInventor for very long, because it was very ugly, and I give a lot of importance to design.
I don’t remember how I discovered Makeroid, but it was the first clone I found. The teacher didn’t want me to use Makeroid at first, but then he accepted :slight_smile:

The teachers made ugly interfaces, without using any arrangement, with AppInventor, while I work a lot on the interface with Material design :slight_smile:

Then we started doing real projects, I had done something huge that I was almost done, and then Makeroid started to become unavailable. Then he closed :frowning:
I had to do quickly in less than a week on thunkable what I had done a half year on Makeroid :confused: (and it was much less good)

I had had a community account for a long time, but I was never active on it.
I looked forward to the relaunch, then I created my new account a few minutes after the launch of Makeroid Andromeda :slight_smile:


Lucky you! (Mind me asking how old you are?)

Wow your school has some pretty long class lengths! We have 8 periods a day (plus “class teacher’s time” and recess) and every period is 35 mins. :joy:

P.S. Also, I should mention, we don’t have the computer science subject in syllabus this year (and next year if nothing changes). It’s a bummer, but I doubt I’d enjoy typing away HTML.


I’ve learned about app inventor about 2 months ago.
But it has one big minus - doesn’t support ads. Shortly after that i’ve learned about clones.
Thunkable has the most users so i’ve started with it. But it hadn’t component i needed and extension didn’t work well so… i switched to makeroid. And don’t regret it:-)
What’s more, my feelings are (comparing to thunkable):

  • community is “nicer”,
  • devs listen to the community and if ideas are nice/needed - implementation of them is really fast.

For everyday i work as automation tester and write scripts in java.
Why not android studio you could ask?

  1. I don’t want to bring “work” home,
  2. Connecting blocks with this nice “click” sound is so…relaxing:-)

My first app made entirely with makeroid is “almost” finished. I say almost, because every few days new ideas come to my mind, and from initial simple soundboard it’s something bigger and bigger every day:-)

Of course makeroid (and all AI clones) isn’t perfect.
From my experience:

  • event handlers waiting for button to click are pain in the ass - each button must have its own listener,
  • sound component is totally broken. It works well only for VERY short sounds (1 second or less - documentation says about 5 seconds which is not true, lots of errors 703 and/or 710 are generated even for 2-3 seconds long sounds). It’s good we have player component - after switching to it all problems gone,
  • etc. etc.
    But…it’s a really nice tool, companion is a great feature. Maybe I won’t make complicated game with it (there are more specialized tools for it, even for people with no-coding experience), but for making applications - it’s ideal.



I’m 15 years old (16 on october 28) :slight_smile:
It’s a computer option: during one term we created an application, during the other we created a website (I already knew how to do better than the teacher before the course :joy:)

This is the site I created that presents the application I created with Makeroid.

It’s also 1 hour in our country! It’s just this one class that’s 30 minutes longer:)
I also have 8 periods during the day:)

For us, it is optional :slight_smile:

But we use a computer in class to type and for digital manuals

So school is 8hr 30 min for you? Whoa.


Nice, Franck!

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In 2017 I came to know about thunkable but I was in search of another app inventor ,I have appybuilder then mit but I don’t find it kicky so I was still using thunkable and little appybuilder but accidentally I found makeroid I was surprised b seeing it’s no of components and feature when I slowly came to use Makeroid then Makeroid shut down for it’s new update.
Then again to thunkable
But I came to know in 2018 that Makeroid will relaunch again then I was so excited and I was only planning for making apps on it…
But Makeroid was Soo good even from my thinking
Love Makeroid a lot


I Discovered AI in early 2016, like February, or March, and I started creating apps that you would never need: like dragging a location component, dragging 2 blocks to the blocks editor and said WOW I CREATED AN APP!!444!!4. Then there was a break, after I discovered all of AIs feature:2 year silence.Then in 2018, March I started working with AI again, in a browser. (That’s still not released and I guess never will). After, in April somehow, I don’t remember how I discovered the Thunkable community. I was just one of these noobs with bad English and stupid questions.
And then, a day… I found a question. And I just realized “OMG I CAN ANSWER THIS!!4!!4” and answered. Somehow I had 2 Community accounts, @valaki52 and @valaki_52. And with @valaki_52 I earned a badge, so I thought, this’ll my main account, coz a badge is a badge! Then It gone. After, idk why, I was just reading of @Taifun’s website (shotout to he, it’s sooo nice and useful, go visit it at, I discovered Makeroid and clicked on it. I done that sometime before, when Makeroid still had .tk domain, but I just thought likeits just a purple thing how could it better than AI and gone back to AI, so I never developed with Makeroid before Andromeda. This happened before with Thunkable before too, but I thought almost the same: its just a clone with a little design how could it be better.
So back to the main, I discovered Thunkable, and one day, I just checked my telegram and the notification not said "@connor (it’s not a mistake, I just don’t wanna tag he ) mentioned you in “Welcome our newest Power Thunkers”. I could not believe my eyes. I was not even DREAMING about that. Never. At the time I was checking Makeroid a few times but it was still that “thanks for being an amazing part of our builder” screen, and I was really worried. I checked a few screenshots and videos and it was really awesome, and I’ve seen lots of projects that never came up again after a downtime. Hopefully Makeroid not was in that, and a very big stole fallen down from my heart when that counter was added.
I registered to the community. And that was (and is still) completely different than Thunkable community.
Thunkable is big, but it still has these annoying users with apps with just ads and purchases.
Makeroid is a whole better. It’s Community is more like a big and loving family. At the most of the time you can’t find an unanswered topic, everything is answered, by the mods (or Nathan and Peter, I think we all can agree they’re more than just an user :sweat_smile:), unlike Thunkable, where the users answer the most of the questions.
Soo, at July 9, I released my first published app, Thunkword with Thunkable, but after I came to develop it further with Makeroid you can take this as sneakpeek .
And it’s almost finishedy but now I really don’t have time for it. It’s HS, and the teachers give loooots of homework for the school days (Mon-fri) and for the weekend, when you think you’ll be free and you can develop, they just gave more homework.
So that almost is 2-3 months with this developing speed I guess.

EDIT After I said i was just a noob with bad English I forgot to mention I learned English from the community. Totally. (That’s why my English is so bad :joy: ) I never spoke English before, just with the magic of the internet, that’s another thing I have to thank to the Communities, Thunksble and Makeroid both.

Congratulations, stranger! You read my whole post! Was it so long, what do you think?


You have a problem with entering 4s :joy:


You messed on ma joke man

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