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I published an update with an extra button to download the images manually and it checks on start up if the gallery is empty, then it shows a notification asking the user if he/she wants to download the images too.


Ok will check it once the update is live :smiley:


Nice app sir

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please tell me how to make the starting part of this app where user can adjsut the size of image and then setting up that image on a canvas…please help

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That’s one of the funniest parts of this app to make. And FYI, I only use a canvas for the color picker. There’s no canvas anywhere else.
The image sizing is made with a webviewer! Just open the selected image in a webviewer, then when you press the DONE button, you save the component as an image with the @Jerin_Jacob extension. In a previous version I used @Taifun extension to take a screenshot and then crop the image to remove the bottom part. But with the component to image extension, it’s way easier and faster.


but how to load a image in web viewer which is in device storage

A small sample.





You have to use a minimum of two // to make it work but i was able to also use

and it still works on my phone with companion and as an apk. test.png should be replaced with the real path to the file.

But this shouldn’t happen i guess.


okee…thanks a lot

Yupppp…its working

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Don’t waste your "/"s!!
You will run out soon! :rofl:

App is nice

But ui :sweat_smile:

Need more work

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I personally think the UI is great. How would you like it to be? Maybe show an example.


I agree. It could be better for sure. Sometimes I make the UI’s to what I feel comfortable with instead of what’s the standard or what other people find nice.
If you have some suggestions I could use to improve it, let me know.

edit the color

red par

and used material-icons-outline

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What is red par?

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He meant the bottom bar
Red ribbon

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1:

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