Upload key problem

Good morning people

A week ago I made an app and published it on the Play Store, but I made some updates this week and went up to the new version, but I couldn’t, because the Google Play Console ta informing me that the key is incorrect, someone has already been through this and managed to solve it ?

Build your apk from same Kodular Creator account that you used first time to build your app and published it on play store.

Updated Apk must be signed with same key that used in first apk signing.

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Hello The_K_Studio Kiran M. ProKoder

The app was made on the same account in my case, since the issue of the subscription has not changed or messed with this part, one more doubt Kodula generates a key signature for each app made in it or is a unique key since everyone uses the same account, sorry for the question is that i started using the Kodular a week ago.

Can you provide some screenshots?

Maybe it happened to me once (Not sure if you have same issue) and as far as I remember, I had to write to Google to reset my key and I downloaded key store software (i don’t remember why) and generated a new key, something like that.

When you sign up on Kodular creator, you will get a unique apk signing key which is used for signing of all apps that you build from your Kodular creator account. (You can access the key in settings)

Can you show it.

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