Vertical text alignment in a button/label

So as shown above I have simple button added in the screen (there is no any arrangement present, just a simple button on the screen)

The HTML property of the button is set to true and the text on it (the arrow) is set using the entity →

Now as seen in the above screenshot the text appears at the bottom. I want that it should be aligned in the center of button vertically.
But there is no such option, neither in the designer nor from blocks. Is there any way to achieve this? or am I missing something?

The same thing also occurs even when the HTML property is false and the text on the button is any normal text.The only difference is, with normal text it isn’t recognized very easily

There are no blocks to show as everything is set from designer itself and the details of the same are as below

  1. Button height and width are set to 12% and 25% respectively.
  2. Font size is 40.
  3. Text alignment is center (horizontally).
  4. Rest all is default.

I am attaching aia & apk for anyone interested to try it
buttonBug.aia (1.1 KB)

buttonBug.apk (5.0 MB)


Galaxy Note8 (Android 9):

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Realme 6(android 10)


Do this…
Check the height of label by setting background color for label…


Strange :thinking: Btw my device is Oppo F11 Pro running Android 9.
Then why this problem?


I didn’t get you. Of which label you are talking about? As said in the original post there is only a simple button on a screen.
No label, no arrangement nothing.

Xiaomi Mi A3 - Android 10

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Forgotten that :expressionless:

Jut try this…

Get height of button…
And take another label with font size 40 and with icon… and get it’s height…

Check is button.height and label.height are same or not…

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I tried this earlier and was about to post this in the original topic itself. But I thought if I would get the solution for this button problem then the same thing will solved with label also

All in all there is same problem with label also.

Samsung A20 -Android 10

Ok so it seems that it looks proper in all Samsung devices and may be in some other device.

So can we say that this is device dependent? And if yes then what to do to make it appear same across all device?

I am totally confused now :dizzy_face: My project has stucked and I am not able to go further without this. :pensive:

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Try this: buttonBug2.aia (1.1 KB)

No, on my Galaxy Note 3 (Android 5) it looks like yours.

Hello @bodymindpower thanks for trying

Your aia works if I manually enter those symbols but the same doesn’t works if I use the entity →

@Vaibhav Yes, some of these grafik are not centered on some devices.


So that mean I would have to change that symbols to make it working?

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Is it a bug ?

May be… But waiting for some more replies…


Check this on your devices: buttonBug2.apk (5.0 MB)


Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android OS v9.0:

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This works pretty well on my device :point_down:

But it doesn’t work well in other device like @themaayur’s device.
So if I distribute this app in market, how can I be sure that it will appear same on all devices?

But thanks again for constantly trying to bring solution :raising_hand_man:

Also can I get the related aia file?

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