View flipper images from airtable for $2

Information I like to know if anyone have done or block successfully to load image url and view it in viewer flipper. I search topic about it. and i only found not too specific solution for what exactly im looking for.

ExpectedLoad an image in a flip viewer using airtable database.

Note: I try the best i can, and stuck me for this, i have i lot of thing to do in the project, but eat too much time about this… of also tried for each item and for each number but still getting and error, it loads the images succesfully but before that error appears.

What error Index list too large
may i need your help guys, im willing to donate $2, paypal only, just show me a working blocks for that.

ScreenshotsLast action i done, and still error

i also tried this


Please share thoughts guys

Your list has only 4 items & app is trying to get number 5 or more from that list!

can u show me fix blocks?

You can probably fix this yourself. Check the length of your values list and if the paths are all correct. Test your blocks Step by step with the “do it” function . I am sure you will find the error!

i already do my best as i do step by step. and i will not creating this topic if i can solve it with the grace of my knowledge, im not a pro. thanks for a wonderful suggestions

I’m not at my pc. I’m on holiday. But: : what is the length of your values list? Usage: length block connected to values block. Right click length block., “do it” . This would be a helpful information

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If you can send your aia file it would be easier to help you

sorry bro, the aia is live in google play store, mybe i can try from scatch aia

@consoleheretohelp pm me need of sharing aia and paying money

This is your best choice for debugging your blocks, see more here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps tip 4, see also Scott’s tip.


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Btw, if you are getting a list of you images here then what’s the point with all of this



Can someone tell me that how view flipper works?

And is it require two image URL to load one image?
If not then @consoleheretohelp you can just set view flipper list to global slider.
In this way there will be no need of loop and select list item block.

Can you show me how you stored image links to your Airtable?

If your spreadsheet looks like this
then you can use these blocks

hope this solved your problem, let me know

yes, my spreedshet same for that format, it loads the image successfully, but before that list index error appear, i tried the blocks you provide.

First delete ‘for each item in list’ and ‘add item to the list’ blocks because this is useless. Then use my blocks. It will work

So what happened after removing for loop and using blocks @TechStudy provided.

same. it load the images in the flipper and start filpping, but before that happen index error again

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Show your updated blocks.
As something is still missing from us.