Where is the sneak peek ❓

Waiting For Koduler Sneak Peek Update :question:it’s just a 1 minute video :exploding_head:??
It’s bigger then Andromeda update :laughing::joy::joy::laughing:


Let’s see if you do the same reaction after seeing the Kodular Eagle changelog. You can print it if you want, but you need a lot of papers. :smirk:

You can say “Kodular is trolling” in everywhere, but say that after seeing the Kodular Eagle, OK?

See you soon after major update!


My Opinion
Our problem as a community has been to wait on August 1 for the update, that “HYPE”, about something we don’t know.
Surely the update will be impressive (and this thanks to the kodular team). But for that we wait until August 15.


Using youtube to show sneak peeks… Great idea! This way kodular youtube channel will get more subscribers!:wink:

If so
Then I would like to suggest Kodular to make that sneakpeek video private and leave users in a hard way of suspense.

But we all know Kodular will not do that.

Quality does not really depend on how long is the thing. SneakPeeks are highlighted new features. There are more new things than you expect. (And lots of sneak peeks left :slight_smile:)

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The upcoming update is bigger as all before!
This means… you all should be patient.
We are still working every day on again more things.

And now… Lets all drink a cold milk (or a beer if you can) and relax :relaxed:


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