Why My Webview Freezed on action?

I use CustomWebView to load my website that inputing an input field in form.
but when i click the save button to insert, my website freezed.
is that because i use required? or alert? or maybe someting else?

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well, since i think no one reply it, i need an explaintation about my block, if my block wrong so i got the reason if my web so complicated for loaded not in full browser…

just like that .


Blocks till now has nothing to do with your problem cause as you said webside is loaded ok in CustomWebView. If you wish post the link to your site to test it

this my link site that i use on my webview, its loaded fine on site mobile view, but going freeze on apps Survey Home

I’m sorry about my question, but your site is configured to smartphone view ? Maybe for that reason take time to load.

thanks for your answer.
its only website that have a container responsive using js and css from boostrap
i have try such as http or https problem, change php.ini, htaccess and etc still not working good at all :frowning:
i try my block too and enable js debug, ignore ssl or something to fixing a prob for custom web view

I’m test right now your site in webview and work fine for me in companion. Take 4 o 5 second to load the site.
Edit: Test Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime android version 5.1.1 and not freezer

do you try to click on my button when inside the app?
i test my app with Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)

Work fine for me, check

Try clear the cache and memory from your smartphone. Maybe it’s saturated and you get error or freezer.

your data not inserted, the problem when click submit, fill a random text on required and after finish, try to submit, nothing happen and not inserted
but normally there must be an alert on it, my dummy site with simple form is worked

The problem is when press to complete the form and some items are empty or wrong. On pc browser show alert but in app show error

With CustomWebView you have to use these 2 blocks I believe


On js confirm add a notifier with the message and then when when notifier choose ok for example call.confirmJs

right? i was confused too, no alert no error, but freezed

ok ill try, this is new for me. thanks

When i press to send the from show me this

Of course I have not completed all the fields

yes its the alert from my web with button onclick=“return confirm(msg)”, but how u can show it?
on my mine only freezed, if i do aceptar it will checking form and if true going to insert data

and how change that into customwebview on confirm js, i try it show blank

See here, when I push button site is loaded, when Simpan pressed in webviewer a notifier pops up “Simpan Hasil Survey” - Cancel - Ok and when I press ok it says please fill…

Try it

after blank success, now i get error this one, should i change my alert on website? @dora_paz

The operation CreateCustomDialog cannot accept the arguments: , [Simpan Hasil Survey? ], [empty-string], [ya], [tidak], [false]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.