Airtable Advance Tutorial : How to get File Data From Airtable Sheet

How to get Multiple Column List or File List From Airtable Sheet by Using One Airtable Block or Procedures

Method 1 : Only for String Column Data List

If your Airtable Doesn’t Contain Files have only Text or Strings
Than Use Simple Block and get Multiple Columns
#Requirements: Drag and Drop Web Component

Method 2 : For String or Files Both Columns List

Here we ca do call all the below Topic

  1. Get Multiple Column in List Format
  2. Get File list ,File Name List, Image Thumbnail List

Step 1: First import the Procedure that are available below
(Fixed Doesn’t Change any Value in This Just Download and import)

Sample Airtable Sheet:

Click here to View Airtable Sample Sheet

Step 2: Call all data from airtable block than use the below blocks


Step 3: Here you can call all columns and files by the column Name
(Here you change your Column Name and Get Name Value as Per Need)

For String Text Columns

Column: Enter Your Column Name
Get: list //Column List

Example: 1 to 4

For Multiple Files Attachments Column List have Images

Column: Enter Your Column Name
Get: filename //Image File Name
Get: large //Image Thumbnail List
Get: url // Image Medium Size List
Get: full // Original Image List
Index: 1

Example: 5 or 7 : Change Column Name Only

For Multiple Files Attachments Column List have PDF Files

Column: Enter Your Column Name
Get: filename //PDF Filename List
Get: large //PDF Thumbnail List
Get: url //PDF File URL List
Index: 2

Example: 6 or 8 : Change Column Name or Index

All Blocks Returns Data in Column List

If Attechment have Multiple Files in Single Column
Then use index Block 1, 2,…
See Example: 7 or 8 in Above Image

Example: 9
We Discuss how you will get Thumbnail from Files Column with Row 4
Column 1,2 of Both Image or PDF Files.

Note: Attachments each column Should be same file type like Image/PDF or Column Shouldn’t be blank.

Benefits of Airtable Procedure

  1. Extract Files Data in List Format

  2. It Improve Speed of Get Data.

  3. Airtable Data Call Request are Reduced So Your Airtable Sheet Handle Large Users.
    (Most of user call Multiple Columns from Airtable by Using Get Column Block again and again at multiple levels it increasing your Data Call Request on your Sheet an Sheet Performance Goes Slow on heavy Traffic)

  4. One Click get All Column or Files in List Format in (2-3 Second)

  5. PDF or Images Thumbnails in Different Sizes in List

  6. No need to Upload Thumbnail in Other Hosting or new Column.


I temporarily unlist it because I believe you need global variables and also you need to check the procedure again, not working for me

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all data in list Formate

now i update it and fixed all the issue

Let me check it

in last procedure airtable column name typing error
attechment >> attachments

Ok now it is working but I still believe it is better to use global variables since later we might need them for a custom search or to pass values in another screen


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Main Propose is by one procedure you can get all Sheet Data list in One Request

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Use List Procedure Only For Each Block Output Propose or Explanation of the working.

How this list procedure will be useful afterwards for example I want to use a ListView with images, how can I do it with your list procedure without global variables ?

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Thanks For Describe it by Image.

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If Files are pdf files than use Thumbnail large for images or Direct Url for Pdf Url List

files they not have Thumbnails create extra attachments for thumbnails pass column name for new Attachments Column name

This will give us easily airtable values and can reduce blocks also…

in this we need external source to upload files

i am not extension developer any one can do than welcome and block are Reduced here i only explains the logics.

Text list You can get by Using This Single Block
No need any Procedures

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Already @dora_paz introduced this earlier. Anyhow you did good work

Without using global list, you cannot do further work. Ppl will try to use certain list view after getting data so global variable method only would become useful to them. I have seen nobody using label after getting value from airtable

i Explain the benefit of Airtable Procedure only that i Used.
at List Procedure You can change as per your need.
main moto is how to extract file data.