D Wallpapers 2.0 🔥

Introducing All New Redesigned D Wallpapers 2.0.

Its been a while since i created D Wallpapers and many people love it, but sadly i lose the project file and the download link there was no longer working… i still keep getting pm asking for .aia so i created D Wallpapers 2.0, with even more features, custom categories, settings also completely as new. so check this out :slight_smile:


Version info

Update #3

  • All new Redesigned UI
  • Improved Search System
  • Fixed Some Bugs


  • Favorite System is currently broken and working on fix.
    (If you find other bugs than please let me know.

Important notice

This app this now closed sorce. if you want me to make it back open souce again than please let me know.

Thank you

App Store/Download link:

Wallpaper (1).apk (7.3 MB)

Thanks to

@Kanishka_Developer for helping me with json decoding
@Taifun for Tools
Colin Tree for Scroll Handler
@Jerin_Jacob for Jsonutils
@Shreyash for phase
@DevYB for Image loader
@yusufcihan for Dynamic Components
@avmcreators02 for Views Convert

Also Pixabay and Kodular


Please next time edit the other topic. You get one topic per app you make.

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This app is completely reworked and different from the previous project. So there’s no relation with the old one. You can help me with deleting the old one if you want.

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I deleted your other topic.


How many image per categories

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Number of image depends on search results

Which Extension You Have Used To Display Images

Umm i use custom listview by souvik bera but I’m afraid i cannot link to his post because he was recently suspended.


New Update

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Resolution options now available (thanks to pixabay)
  • added some animations



Wallpaper(1).apk (9.0 MB)


Nice app :blush:
can you plz tell where you are showing these images? on arrangement or image component or something else?
I used vertical arrangement and image component, but on both image quality is very low. Even if I on the high quality image option


Perhaps you forgot to mention that you’ve used Phase for animations in your app. :smile:
And btw, I got this upon a short use of your app:


I’m really sorry for the delay on adding this, i was not home and that was quick update so i added now.

Btw that bug killing me.

Which one? The grid view for preview or the full size image one?

full size image

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I use to load that using image utility as a background image of vertical arrangement. Btw make sure you turned on High quality image on Screen properties and load a hd picture.

I used colintree async extension to load images on vertical arrangement, still image is of liw quality (High quality image is on)

also for me upper and lower part is like this

Now I again tried loading images with kodular’s image utility and it works. Now High quality images is loading. Thx :blush:
Maybe there is an issue with colintree’s async image loader extension

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I don’t know why the visible components on top doesn’t display correctly or have trimmed on some devices

Tip: try searching for “cat” on the custom category. You can search anything you like.

Are you opening/closing screens the correct way?

I don’t close some screens before opening other due to some issues.

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