Favorite with airtable and colintreelistview

colintreelistview is different from listview. there is no possibility to make visible or invisible and also no selection

Everything is possible with correct logic.

For visible/invisible just set the arrangement visible/invisible which u used for colin tree list view.

And for list item selection, use get element block by giving element index.

i tried your program it works fine with listview.
i don’t have the get elementindex block this is what i have.

Your colin tree list view extension is of older version. Download latest version from below link and import it in your project, it will be automatically upgraded.

After this you can see get element block.

Link : Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView * · Appinventor/Thunkable Extensions

here I record the data well but I can’t read them. (I know it saves well thanks to your program)

@jjteban114 For more customization u can use this listview

But your index list is empty. How it will get element without index?

After clicking save bookmark button set global index to selected list item index.

And also you made some mistakes in blocks. Check my blocks.

Interchange first bracketed blocks.

And in second bracketed blocks add item to the global fav list as item by getting element

Can you show me with blocks it will be easier for me thank you

Show me the result list view after compiling apk

CountryMusicRadio.apk (5.8 MB)

Now do this:

Rename global index variable as “Selection”

In After clicking colin tree list element block use set global selection to get element.

And now replace both get element blocks by get global selection from Addfav click block.

get element cannot accept

Pm me your aia.

CountryMusicRadio.aia (62.3 KB)

thank you for all your advice and for your help

It would be nice to show what changed in the code so someone can be also helped if needed

I await the new code and I will put the changes as soon as I receive them.


Try this.

You have to create one more list view to show favourite list in that list view.

Here i have used Kodular inbuilt list view.

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