🤔 Help with BUG on AIRTABLE :kodular: :airtable:

Hello. I have this new error. I have already searched on the community but I don’t find a solution of my problem. The problem is:


I need to know some thing.So you can locate the issue
1- which images you click on so this error happens.Is it those that contains the pager id or the pagerr id ot the papular id?
2- what is the name of the list that you store the urls in.

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  1. All the images. pager id
  2. Global list

All the images with the pager id?

Yes. The rest no. Well, I don’t be sure if they are pager id or pagerr Id…

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So the problem there.I will take a look

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The problem is List length is 2 but App is finding item 6 from 2 column list

So how can I fix it?

Send screenshots of all blocks and tell me that error is coming after screen install or after clicking any button or images etc?

After clicking on the images, so the problem is in that image 99%

Can you show your airtable as well.Maybe the problem is their?

Then show when image click block

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Why dont you download full blocks so we can see each and every blocks of your screen … it will helps us to find error

Is on the card view.
Airtable link

@Team_UniqueZz @Mohamed_Tamer

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Another question :sweat_smile: which table you get the pager images from?There are meany tabels there :flushed:
Is it the papular table?

I think Something wrong in Airtable Got Column … In that you used length of list = select item list … It means lenght is 1

The cat table is for the categories. The search is for the search button :sweat_smile: and the popular for the popular images. Then, the rest of categories have 1 tab for each one

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It’s the same as on the original aia file. And here worked

i noticed something now.Try this:
CodeLyoko (2).aia (2.6 MB)
I’m not sure :roll_eyes:

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Nop. It doesn’t work… :cry:

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