How to access support?

Hello people, how are you?
I know that our community is just for help.

And how do I contact support?
Because those who are “premium” on other platforms are entitled to support, don’t we have that right?

Who will solve our problems?


What is the channel to contact support?

It has to have a shape, otherwise what’s the point of being “PREMIUM”?

There isn’t. Premium is just good if you want to remove the limitations of the free program. Don’t Expect any quick replies/support from the staff

better ad inventory, dedicated support and enhanced integration

Don’t fall for that

There are many topics you will find regarding this

I did a search on the internet about comparisons of tools that create apps, amazed…
KODULAR is considered to be of poor quality by all comparisons…

What about providing a link to that comparison else we have to assume, that you made this up…


I don’t advise making jokes with a Brazilian…
We lost the friendship but we didn’t lose the joke.

But anyway, it’s up to you to analyze how the support solves the platform’s bugs and we analyze the quality, think of a problematic tool…

But I’ll show you…


In this comparison, the kodular does not even appear

But I want you to understand one thing, I’m just claiming to improve the tool, because this treatment given to users is not consistent.
You don’t complain about anything for free, but when you start paying, you didn’t even need that discussion.
And what good is this discussion if this is just a community for exchanging ideas?
Anyway thank you for your attention.

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AppGyver doesnt even work and AppGeyser is a litteral cope cat it makes clones and uses the database of reall apps its litteral cheating and you could be booked in a case for it if the see that you upload that app in playstore and when it comes to thunkable Its litterally not recommended by me as it has very few components and not that much of a free thing and has a lot of limits compared to them Kodular is the Best :sunglasses::sunglasses: as always It has many more features but due to its premium not many people can afford it such as small kids who have bigger ambitions to code compared to all of them Kodular is the best but I recommend checking out Android Builder it has some issues but it has no limits and Please dont turn your ad blocker on for these kinds of sites as this caused them to be paid.