How to use Start value block?

can anyone please describe how to use start value block in controls.

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You can always check Kodular Docs.
To get information of Components.

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hey i have 200 levels in my app .
so i am using when any button click
open another screen with start value.

please check i am doing wrong or correct.
blocks (8) blocks (7)

first block in another screen
second is in other screen

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it’s Correct.

but they are not working

when i press on level 2 it never change vertical scroll arrangement’s image ? in another screen

When the Button is Clicked
Get ID of Button Component
And pass that as Start Value.

And Button ID should be - level + number

yes, i have set my button name as level + number = level1

nothing is working

Then this will work.

You should change Start Value from Component to ID of Component.

but i am not using dynamic buttons. i am using normal buttons

please help

Oh Sorry.
My mistake.
Forgot to Ask.

I thaught you encountered this while changing your App Components to Dynamic.

Here i can’t Help.
As while testing Static Components with Component as Start Value
we get this as Start Value - + Component Name + @ + random numbers. ( that also keeps changing )
Not what you have named the Component.

ohh no i am too close to my app.
please do something.

i will cry :sob: :sob: .
please help

Still you can use the ids way.We can use dictionaries.For example initialize global dict to some keys and values.Every key will be like that The key = the component and the value = your id ( unique one for every id ).And use @ADDYLIN method but instead of using get id block you will use get value the key = your component,your dictionary = your dictionary variable, dict for example.And let valueif not found as it is.

There is another way using list of lists but it will be much harder.Using dictionaries is easier :wink:

Fun fact.Even @yusufcihan using this way in his dynamic component extension method exactly with the hashtable class ( similar to dictionaries )


Correct! Those are very very helpful in any of the programming language.


thanks ,
but i don’t know how to use dictionaries.
can you show me blocks . how to use that (only for educational purpose)


Check out my guide: Guide: Dictionary Blocks

And Kodular documentation as well.


i have try but nothing understand .
can you please show me blocks how to use in my condition

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