I have a problem that I can't solve, how do I return a value from Firebese to a page

I have a problem that I can’t solve, how do I return a value from Firebese to a page
For example, a page that can be accessed through a button located on the first page of the application. This page can only be accessed after authentication by phone number. Authentication will not take place unless the phone number is registered with Fire Base. This page contains the user’s password, that is, when the user goes to this page and then enters his phone number and then authentication is done through it
He finds his password waiting for him on this page This page is not for setting another password but only to give him the old password that was registered with firebese

And here I have given you the blocks of the first page through which the authentication is done and the official page where he will find his password
But unfortunately, the operation did not work. What is the problem? Are the blocks wrong?
This page blocks get password

This page blocks the authentication in order to enter the password page

is your firebase structure correct? can you show some sample?

Did you save the number in firebase with country code ?cross checked?

The Firebase page is working fine because I’m receiving values from users from the real-time and authenticator base

I think the problem is the blocks

Although I tried a number of ways and watched YouTube and tried all the ways and did not understand it

i dont think your blocks are wrong.

Did you cross check the firbae get value, Is it contain any special letters, like "… if it so then this block will take it to false


This value is to fetch the number from the firebase so that it is compared with the number that was entered until you give it its password

it is ok, DId you check it with any label or text box? pls read the above post once again… If the get value = “98565xxxx” something, then this block will turn to false direction

1 is the value that he will search through,
2 is the value that I want to get on the page

Try with replace block in the above block… instead of using get value, try the following method

I.e replace the text get value , text (") value (empty string)…

You will get password now

Which blocks did you replace please help me
@Still-learning Take this page to understand my problem more


No need of ais, just try like this. Just try and let me know. Your problem is that clock is not triggering which mean that get value and tinydb is not equal… just add the above block now it will become equal

But for this kind of query i always use web component ,which will be easy to do…

Set web url to https://(yourfirebaseprojectId.Firebaseio.com)/USERS/+join block (get text box text)+(/PASSWORD/. json)

Call web get

In the web got text block, if the value is matching mean you will get password if not it will return as null. So with limited block we can achieve it

Sample url of my firebase

Tried this and it didn’t work

See your screen init block. Project bucker says firebase 2 but get value says firebase 1. Pls correct it. Both must be firebase1

What are the blocks to do this experiment?

Only web block

In My app

Way of checking the user whether they r installing fresh of reinstalling

I corrected the error again and it didn’t work, I think all my blocks are wrong

I don’t think so… make sure your text box value is that number only and not mobile number