It used to be free and then it's not free This situation has become kodular

It used to be free and then it’s not free
This situation has become kodular
Even his managers made him money and walked away
Leave it all to everyone
They made all the required extensions stop working
So users fall prey

Admob no longer exists
And one signal
And a lot of extensions don’t work

Kodular became victim of its success

If there is an extension, which does not work anymore, then the extension author did not update it to the latest SDK31 requirements… you get what you pay for…

You can find workarounds after doing a search in the community… 5 min ago I just provided a few links …


Does Kodular manage these extensions and their updates?
Either it leaves the user to the developer and has nothing to do with any disputes, issues or defaults

No! Kodular manages the inbuilt components only. Extensions are solely managed by it’s respective owners.

As I can see, you’re a premium member. You should be enjoying the membership. Anyway, you’re free to choose the platform of your choice.

which part of the membership should he be enjoying :grin: basic complain is that hes not getting what he paid for.

…and few of members are still defending the platform. I’m not sure why?!

Each and every promises seem to be a joke now!

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It’s the staffs itself, ruining their platform. Obvious for members to question, who didn’t get what they paid for.

We paid but found out it was a trap
Everything we have to pay for
Additions and use of the platform and there is no support from the owners

Notifications are paid
Ads are added for a fee and there is no support for them or how to run them

kodular has made subscribers a commodity

There are many free platforms out there you can choose from.

Where is the success you are talking about
We pay and we don’t find solutions to problems
All extensions are paid for
It is a success for the owners of the platform because they are now charging money for subscriptions
But on the other hand, it fails because every add-on has to be bought
It is unreasonable for an application that does not give a reasonable profit, for which I pay tens of dollars for extensions
And the developers of these extensions do not update them or explain how to use them
And we get into trouble

I pay for a service, not for meaningless words from you

And the platform took the return and did not provide anything of what was promised

Heartily sorry if I said anything wrong. I would always be with you guys to protect the right for you, until I get blocked on the community. Kodular is no more a safe place for a free users like me. Have a nice time mate!