My app is crashing

Hey Guy’s

After the update of Kodular Fenix when i build my app even live testing app is crashing in companion it’s showing error but before this update app is working fine but after Kodular update app not working it’s showing many type of errors i don’ t know which error pic i post it’s showing different errors in every try what to do now guy’s anyone know?

This errors coming these 2 errors coming from 2 extensions

  1. DeepHost Swipe Video Player Pro
  2. ColinTree scroll handler

These errors not coming before this update

Since you post no info at all you have to do better than this.

same with me, app get crash after exporting and in live version app shows the error, but i not getting why exported app getting crash

Same issue with your post
Please read the link Peter posted before.
Best link. Best info.

And also this error occurring

Is your project imported from MIT

No, it’s made from Kodular 2 days ago i exported it’s working but today not working. I did not change anything everything is same as 2 days ago.

Ok, let me try

You are using deephost extension and it is hard to say your problem will resolve.

Instead of deep host find suitable alternate and use. That is the solution.

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This issue is not occurring before this Kodular update

That is the fact… Developers need to active :wink:

Or you can contact deephost to recast it

But after using this method app not crashing but video also not playing :slightly_frowning_face:

Did you recast the deephost extension yourself?

Yes, I done by myself by reading this guide

We don’t allow questions about deephost extensions because he doesn’t support his extensions.

But where i am telling give me support about deephost extension.

You should ask Deephost. He is the developer. But he doesn’t give support. Our advise is never to use stuff from Deephost.