Scrap website price and get total amount and display search history in listview

Hello guys i need your help i tried this i thought it works and it doesn’t work

I need users to be able search product name and after searching they should get total price of the product using web scrabber after js evaluated i get error "bad argument to + the operator cannot accept argument " and on listview it must display product name and price with a list of searches

Below is a block of my app and aia file

And my aia file
ShoppingSum.aia (19.9 KB)

List of search phrases





I also own this website and im allowed to scrabb it

Looking forward to your help

Please help

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I got What you are trying to do. You are trying to make an app for your website right. If you’re Site is on WordPress you don’t Have to worry to Scrap data of the website
You Can Create an API of the SQL Table that Holds Product Details

Follow this Guide

If it is not WordPress then PM me

Hello the problem is that i want to scrap the website using js evaluation only and unfortunately my website doesn’t use wordpress

Any other solution or anyone with a block of code to help me with?

Looking forward to your response

Which hosting site are you using ?

There are several topics about this same error: “bad argument to + the operator cannot accept argument”

Have you already researched it?

So, after researching the error message (usually it is about the add item block), research the DOIT function that will help you debug.

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Did you try ?

Hi i tried everything and nothing works i dont know how to solve this… i also tried the extension

I also tried the extension and listView1 CreateElement has an error so it doesnt work thats why i want to use js evaluation block which is simple or if you can help fix it… as my website runs javascript and those extensions dont support ajax

Any help guys?

Good News Buddy Got Your Solution:
using the Extension:

Result: the white background text is the test obtained

reference Page:

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Thats good but how can i calculate total price from search list and also dispay all searched results into listview like this?


Hi i tried and modified the block i cannot get the results i want… i cannot calculate total price from listview please help me please when i tried it myself the app crashes please help me