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I agree. It could be better for sure. Sometimes I make the UI’s to what I feel comfortable with instead of what’s the standard or what other people find nice.
If you have some suggestions I could use to improve it, let me know.

edit the color

red par

and used material-icons-outline

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What is red par?

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He meant the bottom bar
Red ribbon

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Hi, @Italo
i want to know that, how you set different fonts in every ListItem
i mean font List

That’s not a listview. It’s just a lot of buttons in a vertical scroll arrangement.

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I don’t think why my post is flagged.
Please help because I’m waiting for answer from 6 hours.

If you read my first post here, you will see what extensions I used and who the developers are. Please contact them for extensions.

Ok then which method you use for change buttons background colour after click

i notice that you’re using textbox addon extension. and you not mention in you’re first post

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I don’t think I used that extension. If I did I will say it in my credits section. I’ll check the app and see if I forgot to mention. Honestly I don’t remember.

To change the button background color just use this block:

i know , that this option is available in block section.
but how to change color of all buttons and only one button is another color.
if i trying to change every buttom in block section than i want to create lots of block

What I did there is have all the buttons ID in a list. When I click one, I save that id in a local variable and do a FOR EACH loop to go thru all the buttons. Inside that loop I did an IF item =/= button clicked then I change the background color to the “non selected” color, ELSE I change it to the “selected” color.

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That is a more “safe” or failproof way to make sure you never have more than one button selected.
But you can also do it like this:
Save the clicked button ID in a variable. When a button is clicked, first change the color of the button in the variable to the “non selected” color and then store the new clicked button in that variable. After that change the color of the clicked button to the “selected” color.
With this method you need to be more careful, if you don’t keep your procedures organized and other procedures can select fonts too, then you might end up with two or more buttons selected at the same time. That’s why I used the FOR EACH loop to prevent that.

Thanks, for replay
but i have confussion with Button Id because i have not seen any button ID option in button component.

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it’s mean button name is button id.
can you give screenshort of this process. for better understanding