Update message in app

Hello community, my app has a notification when an app update is available,

we show the blocks

It is possible to put another “button” with the message “No”

Since not all users (students) have internet access always available in my country and thus update the app when I can find who.

Use Choose Message block…

I can’t find your “Choose Message block” option the closest is


But they don’t work for me, will we have to modify something else? Or is it another block that I can’t find?

show choose dialog

Yes, we have to modify…

I’m talking about the second block you marked! :wink:

Use like that

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Thank you, as shown in the image, the dialog window is sold, but when you click “Install” the dialog box disappears without doing anything. For what is this?

It’s simple! Isn’t it?!

And, if you want to set 2nd button text as your choice, change the Button2 text to your text and add Else If… Get choice is … Then, Dismiss Choose message dialogue…

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Hi @samidr8 , if any of these replies helps, please mark that as Solution to help others too!

Here is what I found using magical search tool:


Caption was awesome! :grinning:

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