Web Component is not working

Please see the picture.

What is the error?

Click again on those components block & refresh.
Error will dismiss

@Anu10 ,
I did that. but not working

Are you using Firefox ?. Now Fenix working pakka chrome you can use that. Else delete the components and re add

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hey my previous app is working but just now I built new one its not working :sob: … what should i do?

It’s the Kodular’s new update problem… you have to wait cause you choosen to build app with Kodular and now there is a big issue on main component (web viewer) … and they still not released a patch for it

there i get error with deephost extension , tiny_db, web component…

If you are getting issue with extensions then try to Recast them.

Read here

Yes, I noticed yesterday that there was something wrong with Web component.

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side menu layout also not working… if i do recast, everything will be ok?

We ready mentioned and sent you screenshot too that there is no problems with tinydb (mostly in build blocks except players)

See this error and blocks… i just store a value but got error

this is my block section of tiny db

remove the existing tinydb and add fresh part then try. But 1000% Due to Fenix no problem with tinyDB

If you show us the full blocks, we could say what it would