Admob Approval System

Dear Koders,

As you know, a few weeks ago we added an automatic content detector system to Admob components, in order to guarantee a safe development environment.
This system detected whether an app had sensitive content which may violate Admob policies, and prevents some account suspensions.

However, some users reported lag when requesting to show ads in their apps.
This was because the requests needed to be made to our servers to detect which kind of content the app contained.
And today we gladly announce that this lag is gone!

Today we introduce a better system called Admob Approval System
This new method is hosted inside Kodular Account (/cpanel/creator/admob), and there you can see all your apps, and their Admob status.

There are five different states: not requested, pending approval, approved, rejected and blocked
Most of them are self explanatory, but there’s something important to say between rejected and blocked: rejected means that your app doesn’t qualify for Admob, but you can still make a few changes to get it approved, and blocked means that it will never display Admob ads (probably due to the kind of content on it).

After you hit the request button, you have to fill a simple form and write us a message with the reason why you think you qualify for Admob
If your app is currently published on Google Play Store, or you plan to publish it in the future, please DO NOT REQUEST APPROVALS, as that system is ONLY for distribution outside that store (apps installed from Play Store can display ads without restrictions).

After you send the form, we will manually review your app, and decide whether or not it qualifies to show ads.
If it is not approved, you will not get any message from us, but you may open a topic in the community in #kreatorcamp:ads category asking for help.

If we approve your app, take into account that we will often review your app without any prior notification, and if we detect any kind of Admob guidelines violation, we will reject or block your app from showing ads.

We just want to provide a platform which meets with all policies of the services we have collaborated with, so this kind of measure is required.
From now on, you won’t have to wait 10 seconds or so to get your ads ready to show, they will load instantly.

Thank you for your collaboration
:kodular: Kodular Team

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Now this is what we want


Now you will get an email notifying when an update happens
It will also include a message from staff with some information


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Admob approval system is working great.
My app has been approved in one day.
I want to know that will i recieve admob ads now?


Yes, you will be able to use Admob Ads

If it weren’t approved, the Load Block would have reaised the following message:


Yeah, you can freely add them, and they will work!

The problem is now solved.
It was one of the major problem for developers.


¿cuanto tarda la aprobacion de la aplicacion para los anuncios de admob ?

Creo que no demora mucho, a mi al menos me demoró como mucho casi 1 dia

mi solicitud ya va para 2 dias y nada que me dan respuesta

It depends on what your app is related to
If the description message is very clear, and app content can be easily identified it will get approved very soon
Else, if we have to review the whole app manually by compiling it, and checking all possible results it will take a little bit more


ok gracias esperare

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mi aplicacion ya esta aprobada para ponerle anuncios
y cuando descargo el apk de la aplicacion y la instalo no
aparecen los anuncios,
los anuncios solo me sales cuando hago la prueba en vivo

Usa el bloque Ad Failed To Load para ver el mensaje de error

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I got approved my app for serving ads from modular team but ads still not showing. When I check ads in test mode they are working very well. But in final app ads not showing. Please any suggestions.


Use blocks when ad not loaded or failed to show ads.
You will find your answer.


I got this message. Thanks for your suggestions. But can you give me some tips for it.


it’s Kodular


The message says it all, if you still don’t understand then Google it