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How to Fix This Problem in Kodular
Why my app shows this error
Can't install App (Unable to install bcoz of an error in the app APK)
Create app like YELP
The community should calm down
How To Add Cast Option In Kodular Apps
Ads are not showing
Button not disappearing
How to add Whitelist URL pattern?
Onesignal notification not shown
AAPT is failing
How to get items form firebase in listview
How to limit Notifier input text length?
How to repeat a function
Statue App, need help
Error application does not open it closes when it starts.
App crash after picking selection from list view.
AdMob banner and interstitial banner doesn´t appear in monetization
You need to set up Facebook Login to access API
Can Someone Pls Help Me In Making An App
Modify system settings
The app closes when you zoom in with your fingers on the components
Submitted for review 4 months, 2 weeks ago is that normal
Is it possible to make an user system for my app by using mysql database?
Firebase gives Error
Google Authentication error in Web Viewer [Google Secure browser Policy]
How to upload files
How to check file type in kodular like imagetype videotype audiotype documenttype
Please I want to send all the data in a table on the database to another table
Whoops, we found a problem (EC#1002)
I want how to login and register a member
My app is so slow
Does fetching more than 200 values from one firebase database cause a problem?
This is not Downloading very bad thing i try 10 tines but it didn't work
Search data in more than one tab
App crash after update
Please help me .. what is this and how to resolve it
Shortening Texts Pulled from Firebase
Search dynamic help
How can I download the desired file to the phone
Next item does not got
How can I create CPI app in kodular
I can't able to get complete data from firebase its just returning first 4 words
Highlight the words
It helps because when I close and open my app, the changes I made are not seen, just like in appcreator24
How to click google search button?
Mode of list in kodular
Show the tag that I found
Show the tag that I found
Live stream extension
File Not Uploading via FTP
How to use API with Kodular?
App is not working
Help needed in creating a solar load calculator app
Webview html data not load
Error generating the apk
how to translate this localization permission message to another language?
Send SMS issue!
Wanted to load data which store in tin y dp
Wanted to load data which store in tin y dp
Others app content
I want to edit data and delete data in table see who can help me
Need help. How to make the home button and recent a refresh or can't close app.
I'm having a problem getting the counter value back
Please support editing this apk file in the direction of less screen and view pdf offline
Pictodrive extension
How to remove imported screen project getting errors
My project monitization not eligible
Kodular Fenix Ftp
Erro de execução
Problem in my app
Why button is working after some delay of time
Open StreetMap reloading tiles issue
help, with web view tool
Doubt about application category related
number pair with condition
Show my apps on Android TV launcher
It's not working why
I can't get my music player to play songs from airtable even after getting the list
Select the path where the files are stored, Any Extension?
How to insert text into a website
Server Error || Bugs || App Build
How to block superscript on my app?
Can we create a CSV file with all the members. Google Play Console is also needed. In this way, we are entitled to early access
Firebase component
Why are the apps made from Google Play Console?
Test my Browse App Please test my apps
How to Control Motor using Android Raspberry Pi?
Stopped working error
I cant see images
Is it possible to create a mini external page for the sharpener results application?
I need to get data in web view, how i can do it?
Web View Problem
When using custom webview the package manager say erro loading package
Bad list argument to foreach
Ads not show in my app
Can anyone solve
Error! open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)
Label Use As Title Bar
The Canvas component crashes my application
Sign up success
Hello can any one tell me how I open ma kodular app in android 11
How can I send an image image to the back of the array?
Firebase Login failed with mobile number
How to fix: we determined your app contains code to facilitate Disruptive Ads. Affected Versions: APK:7?
Why does kodular crash with more than 500 blocks
Extension to download file(s) to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission
My app force closes
Runtime Error in horizontal arrangment
Make A Virtual Assistant
Kodular what is it like
Multi category with kodular
How can i create it using airtable
Add live chat button and option
Wrong number of aurgument for AnimateComponent error
How to create offline playlist
Creating firebase value
Anyone knows truncate? please help me
After Kodular new update my app is getting startup crash
How to make Redeem system/ Coupon system
Why is it deleting messages except last 1
Download Component
Help with a app Social Media
Battery Info - A Simple Way To See Battery Info | V1 | Free | No Ads | Free AIS and APK
1.5.3 Fenix Bugs
Need help to completing and simplifying project
How to get start value after update a application?
I want a way to play video live streaming
How to cotrol banner ads size
I want important extension can you give what is the important extension from angle
Problem with text
Firebase authentication in not working
Errors, all with android 11, api30
How can i create a backup system in kodular
[FREE] Custom List View - An Extension for making Image and text list view with a lot of customization
How to fix Full screen video problem in web viewer
make a call from customer to the app owners
My app is not working fine
Today Kodular update brings WEB COMPONENTS PROBLEMS!
I found new bug
I can't download my project 😔
Blinking /flicker when load img tag webview
Admob ads not showing when i compile the apps before compile all is ok i want help
Upload play console new key how ...?
How to create a community app
I'm not able to export the project
Delay with APK creation: Can't get download link
Do you creat a dictionary to accept JSON reponse from a web API?
I can't call procedure
I can’t assign a location sensor to the map
Call translate button
Bad Argument Error
Drag & drop here issue
Monetization STATUS
After logging in with google a white screen appears on the webview application
Run the app in the background
How can my user check their total views
How? I will do make profile on use airtable in kodular
How to display text of label by detecting which particular label was pressing at runtime?
Why google maps is not working on my companion
Push notification properties are not showing
Exo video player blank problem
App build failed
Dynamic card view
[FREE] Bottom App Bar - Extension v1- [BETA]
I got this error
How can I solve it? Select list item: List index too large
I'm having trouble with Responsive App
Runtime error : Failed resolution of : Landroid /support/design/widget/AppBarLayout$LayoutParams
[FREE] 💌 Notification Style: extension with various types of notification. 💌
Blocks expanding lag
Error occuring while exporting, Firebase config file error
Bad arguments to select list item The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments:,[""], [1]
Why my airtable spreadsheet works sometimes
Select list item: List index too large
Bad argument to create problem
Live test & Export not doing samé thing
How To fix Supported Android devices
One signal is not working
Send data from kodular app to api link
I can't export the app with this new update
Live test & Export not doing samé thing
Leadbolt and facebook ads
Atmosphere: File Manager
I need set image in Dynamic Button Component. and Dynamic CardView
My app is crashing
Kodular Fenix New Update Crash My App
How to change package name of app?
Image sprite discuss
New error in kodular
Kodular New Update Error
MY App connot compile due to error in the metadata stage
How do I make the time turn when the app is closed?
Kodular live test not working
Vehicle tracking application, budget $ 200 or more
Where i find this ilustrations ..!?
How to make withdraw history in airtable
Pop-up window in music app
I Am make A video status help me
wrong number for argument for create
How to create webview to pdf
How to call airtable data to app
Conect two device online
Youtube Video not Rendering Properly in TV or Bigger Screen
API which blcks to use for what line
My Text boxes Are Not Working cant click when i export my app
Text to speech is not working
How can I fix it
Ok Thank You. Good bay
JSON to Dynamic Card. Please, help
I am makeing ivr system please help for api and webhook
My Kodular returns “nothing” in the middle of firebase data, what can it be?
Please help me, at a time point system and button click limit is possible
How to write text and add button upon Lottie component
Problem with layout scroll
Clickable image slider
Runtime Error, Invalid Screen: screen3. Why are showing the message?
App creation help
how do i download a file using webview
Directory list with a specific types of files
Show Next Image with Airtable
Sound recorder to create a new recorded sound file
App crash in playstore
How to call a data from airtable automatically by changing date. with device date
anyone have aia file of shopping app
App development discussion
Cannot delete file asset
Need Help in doing some changes in app
I want help for kodular ( google spreadsheet problem )
An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?
Sunny File Tool view audio files
Voice Search For WebViewer Help (Google Voice Search)
How to solve this problem
Changing the background color of a dynamic space
🤯How I Create Insta Video Downloader Without Without server or any api/webhook
Enable to Find Component While Loading to Project
Visible problem in other devices
Select list item: list index is too large
Get Tiktok Video Cover
Need solution for error
Ads related Question
My Apps Available On Playstore but ads not showing
Same Blocks not working
Help with full screen rotation
Mysql Store Data Problem
How to add this features to my application
Web viewer does not show initial url
Kodular via USB does not connect
Download link Generate
Firebase Security
How do I show a picture in the internal storage in the app?
Local Video Player
How to change data online
WebView for a specific account
Constantly turn off the display of ads
Custom Webviewer Problem
Lambada with app on the phone
Can I make an Html application
How To Enable Location?
App screen refreshing many times how to resolve
How to add firebase cloud messaging in kodular
Full screen in app screen
How do i order by active client unknown source
I cannot export apk file
Image size for making app
Control extension
"calculate" button
Image size for making app
Low noise very much
Can't compile my project
Help me, i want to convert my website into an app
How to store data in cloud Db
How to create Extensions?
Null Script Error
Login screen help
Showing Build Failed Popup Massage
Firebase Database Error
Firebase Database Error
Help with slider
How to create file selling application?
When Webview url change
How to hide reply info message on kodular
How to create a app cache cleenr app
Payment method declined in Kodular
DX execution Failed .. From where I would Start?
Kodular companion error
Companion not working
How To Create A Sidebar
What it's wrong with my app?
Companion is not working
Auto Clicker app
Problem with secure database in firebase never work
One installment was submitted for monetization review but no further approval was received
Live test not working
How to calculate next or upcoming birth days months and years
How to show multi text in on line
Offline app using internet data
Urgent I can not unsubscribe because I deleted the app Cancel it for me quickly
Unlimited Free Storage For Short & Lengthy Videos (Fast, Reliable)
Can I create a design for an app
Why I am facing this issue with dynamic component .?
O haver a Webradio doubt
Background Run App
How to upload file in cloudinary on a specified folder?
Hello, I need to update my application urgently. I have such a problem
Why my app start in Screen1 always?
How to refresh list after deleting some data from list
Build failed MALFORMED
GIF image Not Support in My Wallpaper App?
Problem Key SHA1
i add dynamic image in app when i test my app it works but when i export its not work
Problem with airtable
Hello Extantion Developer You have Sidebar Extantion Like This
Looking for a Mail Client extension
Advertisement on pressing back button
Playing a song on screen initialize
Why i cant get this tag in tag list firebase?
Need help with recycler view
Dynamic Components When label click help pls
Bluetooth file sharing
How Fix Downloaded Image ERROR?
Sqlite + example
Login in FireBase DataBase error.
I want to make a game
I can't download the app apk
I doing to my project
How to close the sidebar when the screen is back pressed
Label Not found in code block
How to count sunday monday in two date range
Unable to get column data from spreadsheet
Animation loading
Firbase to Header gmail pic
I want to create my professional VPN app
Create fake video call app
Need help use date picker to show in listview but don't show time and location
Create a feed like twitter
Show Colin Tree List View text on label with firebase
How to implement app open ads in kodular...?
Not able to export apk
Help "There was an issue Charging customer payment method"
When Custom Webview starts to open page key does not work
Cant upload files with ftp. help
Airtable, spreadsheet
Element counter of a flipper viewer
Is it possible to auto detect edge after image capture?
How to remove random text from middle of text?help!
App Crashing and not loading
How to make working music player with slider just from link?
Problems with the titles in the notifiers
Help me make a chat app
Division of textbox value by number
I am facing companion error
How to make this type of runnable progress bar i know that extension but i want to know how to make this runnable effect
Unable to call data from firebase database again
How To Make A Video Conferencing App With Kodular? (Guide)
Image picker with camera options
How can we prevent start of another instance when receiving shared files?
How to create a one time password
Is there any way to round all pictures the same
Bonjour, suite à vos retours, j'ai commencé à améliorer l'esthétique de mon application
I need this block to only run on the first time
I don't know the dynamic components
Help I need to hide this top bar
Dynamic component Extension Error
Smooth scrolling web view js chat
Compile apk at kodular, stuck at "Compiling source files"
Personal or private space afer login
App Open Ads Kodular
Compilation error
Problem with QR Code component
I need a block that will show sign up and login with airtable which will open other screen
Admob ads showing 100%?
Lottie (json)support problem!
In app billing component?
Where im lost? Foreach issue
How To Generate Keystore For Authentication?
How to copy file?
Icon support in Any Button
Kodular failed to compile the project, stuck at "Compiling source files"
How to delete app data?
Add youtube subscribe button in my app
Read html web page
How to reverse tag list of firebase
Read html web page
Design the Label and textbox
Why this error and what the solution (concerning Deep host mysql extension)
Kodular sending a link to friends to download my app
What is the use of slider touchup?
Is there a way to open custom chrome tabs with desktop site
What is the native app
Ping a device using shell
FTP upload file Synchronous?
I want to make the horizontal scrollbar constantly visible
List - Unable to remove item
How should I do to import an dats database to my list, (file.csv)
List error removing item
App-Discord Link
HTTP response was too large: 33747317. The limit is: 33554432
HTTP response was too large: 33747317. The limit is: 33554432
Kodular on iOS to public
Need new fukin permissions this place holding us back
Facebook ads not showing
Firebase realtime database not respond
How do make particle effect?
Getdeviceid the users doesn't meet the requirements
How I am use startapp video ads on my app
Firebase authentication
Problems with App Hello
Export screens project
Is it Necessary to add ads?
This is flagged I have got my error so please close this topic
Hii want to my app shows in this share view how it is possible. And How to get shared value in app screen
Firebase OTP login Not working in App
Runtime Error. Solve please!!!
Region_province/iso/region_namecity_name Where is the mistake?
Notification data accepted
Delete this post please
Side Layout Problem Please help
Score wri̇tten to another user
Checking device details
It takes a long time to load when I pass a screen to another screen
App not working please suggests
Colintree listview
Kodular usb testing not working
How to solve a close bracket problem in while calling value in airtable (value stored in label)
Desarrollar una extencion
Need An Interface / Screen Which Show Data From Firebase In A list view with live updates
Error: The operation + cannot accept the arguments
There's a parsing error. Please help me
Switch value not getting stored in TinyDB
I always get this message: Firebase config file error
Table names in a list
Image categories
App Keeps Crashing
How to xml show in my application
Telegram App with kodular?
Button is not working
If the number is from 1 to 9, How to use this logic in block
Firebase apk compilation error, (another) firebase config file error
How to get storage location
Why there is showing a unfilled cardview like?( i have used dynamic cardview and dynamic images from airtable?
How to reload same screen again
Video and audio do not work for 5 seconds or less
Need Help !! my App screen countinuously blinking
Click on Category
Any Label Font TypeFace Import Problem
Unity Ads Not Showing In Kodular
Select list item : List index too large select list item: attempt to get item number 5 of a list of length 4
Is it possible and allowed to import and aia file from App inventor to Kodular
Please help me create a chat system!
I need help with putting the text inside the button one under the other
Hi Everyone Do you have sample app Karaoke Sing?
Dynamic button don't show the text
NEW problem pls help and tell
Is it possible to make first time notfication
How can i split text at space?
How to run Media Scanner after copying file
I have a problem with my chat application
I want to add app usage
Companion error
Why is this app not working on emulator(On PC)?
Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void' on a null object reference
Scrollbar not working, also in screen and also vertical scroll Arrangement
Runtime error not allowed to access cell location
Don't want to work, someone knows why
Help me to optimize the blocks
How to make Scanner app to PDF
Out of memory error
An error when I export the project, stuck at "Compiling source files"
Kodular apps hang a lot
Layout deleting
SyntaxError error
I want to buy fitness app for my website
Your app contains content that doesn't comply with the Misleading Claims policy
Make video file list
companion is not working
How to make a back button in app
How to make Classified Application like OLX
Text colour is not changing as selected
Hide dynamic text box display
If you use Image_Utilities
Can we use your data to tailor your ads?
Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views
Why my link not shown in second screen please help
Button on my app click 15 times in 24 hours
App error i got this message
The App does not appear in the applications menu
Making app in Kodular
Wrong number of arguments
Admob and Facebook ads are not showing
Problema di compilazione, evaluating syntax transformer ‘if’ threw java.lang.StackOverflowError
How to make this types ui design in play store
How to only name
Consent development mode
The apk you create does not install on the phone
webviewer disable screen function
How to grab uri content/details from my app?
Please help me to solve my old posts solution
Error 601 appeared
Component screen shoot
The Project in Kodular Creator in not shown in My project
Kodular Disconnect In my App
[Is Colliding] block is not returning True when needed
How to add image and audio
Runtime Error The operation + cannot accept the arguments: , [0], [*empty-string*]
I can't export my app
Push notification not work
Need Help in Importing com.squareup.http
Decorations use
Runtime error. index = 1 ; size = 0.... end application
Search Bar on the Tab
Apk Loading Problem
Error in reading the linestring
cfgh(2).apk please Activate the App
How to create app like this? bookmark function
Next and Previous Buttons
Google Play Game Achivement
How to find out if post is still in review
I need list view and text spreadsheet database
Cant download my app
How to make a place when user typing anything and send will i receive
Width percentage
Firebase doesnt send reset email to the email
App was not approved
New User Need Help
Create a Pdf fill in form
Bug to open my project
Htm file is not loading using startvalue
I want to bring up the item data list by simply entering the name of the item sought from the airtable. please help me, i am a beginner
Apk don't install
Screen Switching Problem
Web viewer is not in full screen
Having trouble with airtable database
Cannot set position
Browser app with 3 months in review
Problem with airtable
whenever I try to click on my app any button this messasage show The operation + cannot accept the arguments: , [empty-string], [1]
Don't getting data from firebase
Thriller App Store Discuss
Thriller App Store Discuss
How to open a new tab in same browser
Thriller App Store Discuss
How to ask update on google play store?
Can Anyone tell me why this is coming?
Help with my application
Chatting Application guide
I need help for my app related firebase
Download using Webviewer in a browser application with file name save option
Card layout visibility control not working
Text On a Canvas
Update Airtable Row number to your respective
Onboarding Screen feature creation help
Pi network app discussion
How to view PPSX Files
Airtable data slow loading
I want to create graph of firebase data ? is there is any tool or extension that can make it simple
Need help on such huge error
Push Notifications do not work?
Audio component is not working properly
Texting component is not working in background
Speadsheat not working
How to change min skd?
Reset button help
card view and link with problem
NEED publish apk for publishing
My blocks pages is very slow and hangs every time
Why the my app is not exporting and not showing any bug
When put package name then apps are crush all time
How to change Horizontal scroll arrangemant Direction to right?
Unable to get response with the specified URL
Firebase data base
Save as other format
My app is crashing
Overflow stack size error how can solve it
No data writing in firebase
How to use firestore using api
How can i create app using multiple app?
How to send a date list to Firebase and get the result on another screen?
Erro ao baixar o apk
Colintreelistview And Airtable spreadsheet not Working
Transfer images from Assets in apk to newly created directory on the installing mobile
I need a nautical map extension
"Cloudbd Error: System error getting tag"
Open another screen is not working
how to hide application icon
How to make a online private bar graph for each user of the application?
Kodular Account
Alguém saberia me dizer como eu posso fazer um post que permita comentários e curtidas?
Save push notifications in app
How can I edit a value in list when getting global name
App crash or heavy load time while getting all data from firebase
Trying from last 2 days.....did no change in app.....earlier it was exporting properly
My app is so slow in some phones
Button Got focus, Lost focus, Touch Up, Touch Down In not work Why
Bottom sheets not working properly
Web viewer back button needs to be pressed twice?
Make a top chart
App Show unity ads after commission removal
Live test auto refresh needs to be turned off. Otherwise the app hangs
Please help me. Admod rewarded video ads does not showing in my app .
Aia not working on new account
How can I do this with textbox
monetization problem nowdays
Why don't projects appear?
How to export data to excel?
How to know our utc time?
I want an extension that creates a line showing the route
images doesnt load webviewer
Aes-256 Cryptography read and write Qr code
Testing App to publish
Image list view with tiny db
How i add refresh button on app
Html not working for justified alignment in labels make text new at right title selection list view element
I am having problem with my tournament app
How to create Placeholder loader
How to Control a screen from another screen
Youtube live subscriber counter
I cannot export it as an APK
Problem importing aia
Having issue when with 3 dot about appication
Facebook ads problem
How to get 1st column of last row using Air table?
Crashing problem
Web viewer shows blank white screen
Profile picture from google auth does not appear
Need dating app aia
In app pdf viewer eror when load file pdf from asset
Kodular Pollfish: Survey not avaliable
Kodular Auth Your website my accont page is not working
web url in kodular
OutOfMemory Error
How to setup example app?
Airtable login app
Test indexing or input indexing
Spotlight Wrong
How to fix Bugs
Got Runtime error while creating a video player app
App running very slow when export apk
Kodular Companion App
There was a problem in parsing
Help in
Dynamic Cardview
Help your friends favorite button
Companion error, progress automatically stop at 37%
How to remove the circles from the Google maps component?
Should I need to change the index vale
Login com MYSQL
Ola pessoal presizo de ajuda runtime error stack size 8mB
Can Not Compile
How to use ask permission block
I am trying to save data in spreadsheet but it is not saving
Screen closing like sleeping
Fingerprint sensor not working
Comparing Airtable string values
The best application interface
how to save user location to show items depend on location
Failing to launch an Application
Hello i am making a logout button on my app
I transferred .apk app file to phone, but lags like crazy and zoom in and out very quick
Request to Everyone
How to reduce the speed of spinning gear with time?
Server error could not save one or more files try again
Visibility help
Upload and see file in kodular
logo in the header in the app
Coupon code system
List View Image and text - Selection Color
Import from appybuilder
Runtime Error on working app
Connect Discord to Firebase with Zapier
Runtime Error. How to fix it
I get an error when exporting
Application works for a few seconds and closes popping up an image
Need help for push notification setup
My Priject is not exporting For updates
Do you have any word search function on the page using webviwer? can you guide me please
Error occurred. Please help!
Kodular My acount Not Open
Download Problem In Webview app
Compiling Apk Problem
Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later!
Tech CVR - Download Free AIA files
Unable to install Kodular APK
Creating CRM app
Applovin ads Not show
The operation Elements cannot accept the arguments: , ["Timestamp,Nom,Prenom,N° ID,N° TelI
Webview select file crash
Something Went Wrong Error
Why kodular companion not working properly?
How to make matchmaking system
How to make matchmaking system
Discuss on web viewer
Call Show Choose Dialog” after “When Other Screen Closed” not work Finding fixed solution
App Not Exporting
Problem of internet
Connection Error: SQLSTATE
Why image sprites follow canvas touched?
Does anyone know why webview cannot open the url in several project app?
Get Marker Title from Google Maps component
Is there any extension for copying label text by pressing
Is That possible: to show an error text for a textbox?
Need Help for my App! New to Kodular!
How to show multiple image in card view extension
How to reload same activity?
App still crashing while closing screens
Trying to replicate an app
Hello kodular please update facebook Audience Network SDK
Can someone already did MSSQL as database? Need help
Can we create offline ludo game?
Package name not shown after exporting
Cardview design is similar to Google search results
Is airtable the alternate way of FirebaseDB to store user data?
How make emoji ios for kodular
Due to no application edit
Cannot export projects with Google Authentication
Existing App not working
What is problem anyone help me
Pdf app with sub menu
Create a ripple effect while changing background color
Send OTP Failed in Firebase
My Admob Banner Ad are not showing
Application has been Stoped
Spreadsheet Airtable don't store items
What is the Problem Please help me
Spreed sheet component does not work
My app is crashing
Web viewer not loading in some devices
Ecommerce/ Shopping app
How to overcome the ''get variable '' warning
Actions is very slowly
Text to speech not working
How to add deeplinks in a aia store
Store information of time and date in firebase realtime database
Website source code
How to solve error 908 in app in screen recorder app
How make web app with included proxy
I need a HTML editor
Invalid Text Operation
How to get value when the application is opened together
How to get value when the application is opened together
How do I particularly separate email from paragraph?
To create phone screen sharing app
Export apk doesn't work... "invoking AAPT"
Please check this ad unit with your approved app and solve the error
Please help me, I am stuck in create Account page
Freezing my project
Splash Image error
App Keeps stopping
Can exo player component get low data?
Widget Question
Google maps location circle and add a marker
FileSharing app firebase
Error change Web_viewer1 - facebook/device
DuDX kodular creator
How can i wait until for each item in list is end?
Google spreadsheet Recycler View
All Kodular animations Problem like Circular Progress Custom, linear etc.?
Companion Crashing a lot?
when i try to install the apk on android it stops working
Custom web view
How I Can set custom list view gradient colour?
Error 1103 : Unable to post or put the text
I download it, everything seems fine, but the application does not exist
How to upload links to Firebase
Bug google services are not working
Error getting IMEI or Device ID
qr code receipt from thermal printer via ip.
Bad Request (400)
What does this mean in text to speech component?
Song List and play them
How to get largest file of phone storage
I cant open my app after publish on playstore
How to change tab text font in viewpager?
Blinking screen after open
List picker value
Am a beginner but I don't understand that HOME url
Web viewer any video url link not working
Can i make an app from the contents of the book
Dynamic image does not load image using cloudinary image link
Android.webkit.resource.video_capture error on kodular
How to change the package name after we create our project
Kodular to airtable language problem
Interstitial ads are not showing
Extension Code mess up
One Signal Debug
Clickable Image Slider
Listener Extension
The APK file can't be installed
Button doesn’t work
Fire Base Not working
Fiarbase url problum
Unity interstitial ads not showing in my app?
Help how to solve this error
Share only one app screen
Spinner, Dropdown
Ads not displaying
App icon Images are loading late
How to create extension for this?
Problem In Extension Developing
My app is waiting for approval since 5 days
What happend to Kodular?
Login Error| How do I change the Kodular Community e-mail?
[Solved] MySql Database for listview
Slider thumb position bug
Offline video player
Webview Only Body Section
Offline video player
What happen when we use 50-60 vertical layout in app
How to set outline in a level
How to create a forum in kodular
Vertical scroll Arrangement
[Solved] MySql Database for listview
Removing brackets of the file component
How Check Specific Word Matching In The Full String?
How to use api in app
Startapp Ads Shows After Approval
Runtime Error Problem
Kodular live connecion
App crashing in real device
Text Segment,Firebase value get
How to create a pdf
How will i fix my app crash prblem?
How to Use Embedded Picture feature, i am making Music Player App
How to open my pdf file
There was an error during the analysis of the package
Get text from web viewer content
When i use screen back pressed , the application not closed and instead of that another screen will be open
Video Status Not Show..How to fix It
Multi Language App
No text for FAB
In colinlistview how Extrabutton functioning in multiple category to airtable base
Google login failed after publishing in Play Store
Kodular companion error
How create gallery using airtable
How to use SQLite
Question regarding animation utils
How to create photo gallery
Cannot install app
How to request ads in my app
Admob Ads Requested But 0 impression
Google Maps Problem
Your App Has Not Been Approved to Serve Ads
Can not install app on any mobile
Initialize Device_Phone(get IMEI)
Google sign-in with firebase authentication
Ads showing problem
Two Spinners Bug
Airtable not working creat account block
My application is not working properly and also not show ads
How to put Multiple Spotlight in a sequence, one after the other
Fb ads not showing
I can't export apk file showing Your apk couldn't be compiled
How to show specific data according to user location?
Need An Extension Developer
Firebase permission denied in my login page
There was a problem while parsing the package ERROR
Error 902:screen not found; email.dessearch.screen 2 how can i resolve this pls
Admob Help (Wriiten in Hindi / Urdu)
App Always Crashes
My Facebook ads are not load but requested from Facebook
Google login failed after publishing in Play Store
Permissions Problem playstore
Runtime error is showing in firebase path
I am facing problem when i installed apk on android
Syntax error in login page while using mysql
User blocked automatically
Date comedown set on my app please help
I had make food order app but i need help
What kind of apps can be made using this?
Can we put such applications in the Play Store?
Google play showen this warning in app
News List View view extension with animation [PAID]
Error while installing APK on phone
App get crash on startup plz help
Can you help me?
App icon problem, anyone help me
How to send notification from one app to another?
Kodular apps hang a lot
Appybuilder AIA file not opening in Kodular!
Advanced Chat App with Firebase
How to integrate Firebase Firestore into kodular?
How to take appoval from koduler to serve ads?
It said this is an intestial test add
Calculating Peak Audience on a Radio App
Please anyone help me with Airtable stored data Search issue.. with listview
Please anyone help me with Airtable stored data Search issue.. with listview
Erro na compilação
firebase autentication error
I need refer help for my app
Remove my app tab from mobile by user when exit botton click
Listeners peak audience listview online & offline
[FAQs] General questions about displaying Ads and getting the app approved
App crash and also unable to use material icon
Como obter dados do airtable?
How to solve this problem
How can i deal with this api code
App ia crashing (logs added)
Admob ad not show
How to open autostart screen in my phone using my app
Create Images of Components and Screens | [FREE] Extension ComponentToImage
Extract phrases from words
Firebase Authorization
After kodular new update app not opening
Can i get row No. by Value
Kodular and airtable
OCR Problem.. Please Fix it
Ads are not showing (if downloading from apk)
I do not see the image
How to add bookmark for the screen
Firebase database overwrite
Want to Make an app like this and update the list by postman
Live test not working
How make this type of text box any extension
How to detect if I have internet connection
Dynamic PDF Book App - AIA File
Blogger Api Problem in loading from content
Server error, please help me^^
Admob Approval Pending
Add selection index block for Image and text view
Error download apk file
How to submit Claim Ownership Document to app Store?
Airtable sheet not Working!
Airtable form image upload issue
My app is not exporting.Whenever I try to export my project it says kodular is unable to compile with this app
Ads are not showing
Admob Ads System Problem
My App crashes and slow
Listview not show in andriod 6.0 or earlier
Problem in app permission
Compras desde la aplicacion, Google Pay
Unsafe app, blocked by google play safe
Exporting App Stuck at 20% every time
Problema al reproducir video
Kodular .AIA File corrupted
App installed but not shown
[FREE] Extension Creator
Webview error problem for links
Webviewer Error: Unknown URL Scheme
S.o.s [Ads not showing]
Xiaomi does not return location data
My airtable user data not loading in application after 100 user index colomn. what should I do?
What is this error
I upload my app on play store yesterday but ads do not load... why?
Textbox result or autocomplete combo box
Main screen opening and closing Fluxatition
How to Merge two List view Elements into third List View?
Wifi Direct or Peer 2 Peer
Konsa components use kare taki jab morning 8 am quiz show huve aur 9 am automatically off ho jaye aur dusre din 8 am pe show ho jaye please help
Help me aravind-chowdary help me
How to separate tag of firebase in spinner in kodular
Uff! 😓 and enough! How to show AdMob interstitial ads with proper way?
How to upload images on Facebook using Web viewer components please fix it
Someone cut the power!
PDF Downloading option
Speech recognition with web view
Error When Compile Extension
Apk File Doesn't Work
Have to Click twice to open Chrome Custom Tab
Convert apk to aia
How to write code? To enter the number 0 in front of the thousands
Add A way for projects to tell the time
Full Feature Youtube Apps Problem
I Want Small Help to configure airtable
App does not compile
App attempts to load related content
Storing Hindi & Kannada languages data from app to airtable sheet But not working
Couldn't export aia and apk
Iss type ke block kaise create krte hai?
Kodular is not working properly
Dialog spinning progress showing contious
ADMOB Automatic Consent Message Not Showing Up
How to display data of particular folder
Is there any way to share image from a web view without downloading?
Collisions Not Working
Picture quality is not good. please help me anyone
Error 908: The Permission Process_outgoing_calls
*Splash Screen BUG*
Showing error when logging in
Image sprite move
Bad arguments to +; this operation cannot accept the arguments: [*empty-string*], [0]
Data repeating in for each item loop
How to save record to airtable
I have a problem with component SQLite
App installation failed
Runtime Error, Attempt To invoke Virtual Method
Webview don´t open it
To create billing app
How add events to system timer clock?
I am not able to make slider rotate 180 Degree
Need help to develop an app
How to Build botton Download Fille
Colin tree image view to get user photo name gender age from firebase
I need help with blocks with Vertical and Horizontal Arrangement
How do I open Bhim Payment System with Activity starter
Runtime Error: Select list item: Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0: ()
YAIL compiler - AAPT execution failed.
"Get Text" Error upon App Install... Any workaround for this?
What were the blocks for adding refresh button?
After picking a txt file using the Filepicker extension by deephost: how can I read that file?
How to download htm file in firebase storage?
How to use embed code in web viewer
Point system using tinydb
An internal error has occurred
Parallax extension by Andres does not work in Kodular?
Help me please buttons?
How to prevent Dynamic card views from disappearing?
I need help with the aia
Unable to compile the project, stuck at "Compiling source files"
airtable spreadsheet not work!
Push Notification Component Not Work Anymore
How to make extension website for ex. youtube in Kodular Extension IDE
Notifier Input text dialog box problem
Problem In View Pager
Send crash report?. Always showing
Without uploaing app on playstore can ads come
APK does not build: Issue with assets
Kodular companion ( live testing ) doesn't work
I wanna do make an Apps that I need to my connect to my friends
Slow Web Loading & Crash
Use tiny db with list view image ,text component
I would convert 0.5 to 1/2
How can I use Broadcast Receiver?
Please give me card view extension
How to make Mirror App
[SOLVED][image file too big]App crashing, even though it's clearly free off warning in editor
Admob banner not showing!
Open App settings from the app
App Is Crashing
Win a dollar Versus his assistant
I want picker with any think
Not Work Add Point System On Airtable
Play uploaded videos by different buttons
Screen is initialising again and again please help
Why is RTL not enabled?
Firebase auth sign in and sign out by using email or phone and password
Coding is ok but not receiving value from data base error showing
I want to make a app
How to build Vpn application
Error in "Replace all text"
Apk not generate
Community Language
Background Countdown system
I want to do a clock countdown and I want to send a notification
Learning Kodular App
Runtime Error Stack size 8mb
I want to buy paid searchbox extension for kodular
Help about Login/register to my app
Firebase Points System
Welcome to the Community!
Showing Runtime Error Index 33, Size 0 Plz Help
My apk not exporting please help
How i test makeriod app live in my mobile
Decoration extenstion
Problem with Screens
Production UI interface
Video player not playing video
Google play rejected my app
I want open my home screen link into my application and other website links to externernal browser
In Web view website menu not working
Spreadsheet data not showing
Tiny db is not working in android 8.1
How to show ads in notifier when it ask to close app
Pull to refresh page no loading in webview here its showing white screen
What is wrong ? with my sensor
Errors when I imported screen
Button / Floating action button setting
How to make online multiplayer quiz/game app
I need help in firebase
Import Appybuilder aia project to makeroid
Find error in web component
How i find this block
Can we make app like
Waiting for Spreadsheet Component in Next Update
"Bad Request" when sending mail using IFTTT
Help in Translation related app
Privacy Policy: Anyone please help me
Makeroid Big Bug
I want to get data from firebase which is available in List
I want to get data from firebase which is available in List
Server Error Problem
How to make contacts App
Browse Button not working in webview
Web viewer blogger theme not showing
Any button crashes the companion
Website updates are not showing in app for website
How to make a leaderboard
Push notification problem
Errore occurred extension
How to view HTML
How to get adchoice network ads in mekeroid
Torrent downloadInd app
Hi kodular team please solved my problem
How to solve app is stop error
My app is lot of crash
Help Me for This
Can any one tel me ? what i missd?
Upload File in Webview
My app not showing in adword
Sidebar does not work
App screen getting refresh many times after app start how to resolve this
Firebase get datas wrong order
I can't upload my APK, please tell me logo size or banner size
Screen limit in makeroid butterfly
Please tell me how i use usb and test my apk by usb
What is the app icon image Size?
How to get screen 1 manu on screen 2 also
Error on Makeriod
Different between compile on companion and export to .apk...on android 7.0
Some plugin regarding xml layout
How can we write something with floating action button
Admob interstitial and rewarded not working
How to add wordpress RSS to app
Ads are not showing but Showing in Makeroid Companion and Admob is working very fine
Sharing in facebook but no text need help
Error 2501: SSL Connection Could Not Completed
How can i solve this problem: The operation + cannot accept the arguments: , [empty-string], [1]
I'm a beginner, help to make a block
Questions Regarding Cloud API?
How to create a box with a message to ask the user if he wants to value the app in Google Play
New way to run apps background
How to Change Title Text Colour
Can we make a real money wallet system in Kodular?
Facebook Banner Ads Crashing My Webviewer In App Made in Kodular. App works fine in case if banner ads doesn't loads, but as soon as banner ads loads Webviewer stops scrolling
App crashes plz help anyone
How to change a packname with app
Airtable cell values are disappearing
How to adds problem
No access to creation link
Listview image and text_long click no funciona (eliminen este tema, ya di con el error)
Lottie not worked
Firebase storage extension
firebase URL changed automatically to default
Any one help me?
How to copy selected text from webview
Admob ads not showing
How to open another screen fast way
Cannot Export apk
App Stopped Immediately
Unfortunately app stopped ! 4.4
My App Doesn't Respond Properly Each Time
Tester life app
Can we show filtered data from airtable in app
Get message from user
Attempt to invoke virtual method Error in Images
Selector de fechas
Play install referrer api extension
Does anyone know if it's possible to make a button move?
Texting component doesn't work
Webviewer upload problem
Unfortunately app has stopped please sir help me I have many try but it is not solved
How to block ads on webview
Video player does not jump to seek time in short videos
Kodular API level
Barcode Generate
How to solve youtybe player Bug
Server Error Could not upload project
How to create an option with settings in the browser app
Application crashes on specific screen
How can i download my designed app?
I'm import .ais file on my aia so I'm facing bugs why
How To open App(Made By Kodular) Through Another App?
Interstitial ads not displaying
Why my video ads not showing
How to create dynamic youtube channel app..?
Need Facebook Token Access Blocks for Facebook authentication inside App
How to add pictures in my app i can't add any picture?
Problem installing App
I want reverse text on label
View Flipper not working as it should
Certificate error in play store
How to add admob ad in live server
I have file path how to open this file
Dynamic dropdown list
App works fine in companion but not after installation
Please tell me how i add option of print webview means save as pdf option
How to use firebase
Long press in web view
Help me The codes are doing very heavy work. specially when placing codes. How many times do you have to start from scratch? Help
Google Song Search
How to textbox write down
All the block process is fine but the apk does not work for me
Dynamic component
How to load image from html code in image component
Set wallpaper as scrolling bug
Project loading
Problem “The permission ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION has been denied”
How to use dynamic clock
Why I can't export my app, it showing save successful
Kodular is unable to compile this project. The compiler error output was ________Preparing application icon ________Creating animation xml ________Cre
I'm having a video call problem please help
2 errors when i downloaded my app
Can we update extensions of developers?
Please Fix This Project App
Dont Work After Added Admob
How to know where the focus is?
Error 1103 on zenfone
Error Runtime please provide solution
Showing please wait for too long
how i can create list view with image and have Text search with 10 item not use index
Not suitable for monetization
I cant open my project screen get hang
How is make touch through
My images are not showing when I export my apk it's all visible in my creator h
Qr code history generation
How do i go to a picture on the screen by pressing a button?

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App is always crashing
Error handling in kodular
App keeps stopping
Facebook Ads Not Loading
Transparent screen using camera
ProKoders Guide Newbies :)
Runtime Error for input string
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App is crashing after kodular eagle
How to delete directory or multiple file
After Eagle update firebase DB not working
IN APP UPDATE not working
On recieved ads startapp
Any mistake in this block
App crash after Eagle 1.4.0
Help ..? Make app chat
live tv channels
Send forget password email to verifid email only k
HTML Link to Button Click
Unfortunately apk file has stopped
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Save images in assets or folder
Google Maps Location
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My App published on playstore become hang while using it
How to webview playstore in app?
Kodular App Not Working Properly in Some specific devices
view, app, output
App not install
Audio picker not working
Push notifications is not working
screen 1 back press then app run in background and running status show on notification
Kodular still has compatibility issues with Appybuilder projects
Companion not working
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How to load image first In The Dynamic Image Component
Image Scroll Option
Admob banner ads cannot showing
How to get information from a phone number?
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HTML Encoder needed
How To Make Photo Frame App
Deleting of Items in Database
Convert php to kodular
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Status Bar customization
TinyDB loses the data
App is crashing everytime
All in One App - Available Soon AIA Project
Background in Notifier
link to web page
My ads not run in my app
How to next screen after splash screen
Error Message When Opening a Specific Screen
How to change text align in block section?
Sound sensor is not working
Ooops! We tripped on a Bug!
How limit device on ip adress?
Fullscreen error webview
Invoke: no method named `IsEnabled' in class java.lang.Boolean
Kodular platform in live app test or app preview is next features add
Black Screen During Screen Initialise
Slider not working after last update
App not installing
App not installing on Android 9
Bug In Lottie Animantion
Open another screen name block have bug
No start screen
Old apk is not building
Storage permission dialog not showing
How to set up a get text link in my app
Airtable Data Not Call
Listview after selection
FTP server are not working properly
I want to add some components in bar code scanner interface sir
Google play apk problem
Download Option Not working when using mobile data
Bug in web component
On text change does not work
Please Help me Colin Tree ListView
Bug in kodular apps
Flipper slideshow not working
Downloading videos
Companion not working
Kodular Eagle - google map polyline
Can anybody help me with this?
What if i upload kodular ads approved app to google play store?
Component Problem in kodular
The use of web api in Kodular
Admob Approval System
After starting the generated application, it stops working
After starting the generated application, it stops working
After clicking on register i m getting msg of inalid firebase url specified
Some spreadsheet errors after update
Mika & km_wpwp_pl